Baz and Nancy’s Holy Show

A Christmas Special for RTÉ One

Baz Ashmawy’s 75 year old mother Nancy is not easily impressed. With her son’s help – she’s just about seen it all at this stage meaning that Baz has yet to present her with a genuinely unexpected gift.

Until now…

With Nancy’s 75th birthday fast approaching, her only son Baz is determined to get her a gift that will truly impress her. Baz wants to present her with a chance to see the Pope.

Devoutly Catholic Nancy is about to set out with Baz on the ultimate adventure. A quest for the Holy Grail: to see Pope Francis at the Vatican.

It’s no easy thing to meet the Pope. He’s a busy man. Setting up an audience requires real commitment, patience and tricky diplomatic navigation of a long chain of clerical contacts from local priests and bishops to Vatican officials and the Holy Father’s personal retinue.

Will Baz and Nancy’s road to Rome present a meeting with Pope Francis? As everyone familiar with Grail legend knows, it’s all about the quest.

En route to Rome, Baz and Nancy take a trip to Knock.

In Rome, mother and son naviagate the infamous traffic in a tiny Renault (Pope Francis’ car of choice) as Nancy remains steadfastly unimpressed with the world’s richest cultural legacy.

This is above all, a warm-hearted and good natured adventure, but there’s a more profound side to this journey too. The prospect of an audience with the Pope is genuinely special to Baz’s mum. Meeting Pope Francis is no laughing matter. Nancy is a woman of faith and, as she shares her own personal beliefs and certainties, we’ll see a side that she’s never shown before.

Whether Baz and Nancy meet the Pope or end up back home at Christmas watching ‘Urbi Et Orbi’ on the tellybox, Baz and Nancy’s Holy Show will be the the strangest, warming,  accidentally revealing, momentarily profound and downright hilarious festive offering you’ll see this Christmas.