Wednesday November 15th, Thursday November 16th and Friday November 17th at 7pm

Weather Live is a new live audience show on RTÉ One exploring Ireland’s favourite obsession – the weather.

The landmark show will broadcast from a live studio hub in the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin across three nights from Wednesday, November 15th to Friday 17th at 7pm.

Presenter Kathyrn Thomas will be joined each night by a host of live studio guests and Met Éireann meteorologists, amongst them Gerald Fleming, Evelyn Cusack and Joanna Donnelly, to find out what makes the Irish climate so unique. From Hurricane Ophelia to the Child of Prague, the show will sort fact from fiction and uncover how weather affects our everyday lives.

There will be live satellite links to studio with meteorologist Gerry Murphy and weather presenter Karina Buckley from some of the farthest flung corners of our island including Valentia in Co. Kerry on the edge of the Atlantic which gifts us all our weather, Killybegs in Co. Donegal, home to the largest fishing port in Ireland and back in the capital to one of Europe’s busiest airports, Dublin Airport.

The Weather Live studio will feature a Science Corner with fun and explosive demonstrations helping viewers gain a better understanding of the science behind our weather and each night, a guest celebrity will be put through their paces in a live weather challenge.

And there’s plenty to talk about on Weather Live. In studio, Kathryn will ask how exactly the weather affects the human body? How do our storms get named? Why is Dublin the driest county in Ireland? What weather events have changed the course of Irish history?

Studio chat in the Botanics will be enriched by a mix of quirky, informative and historical pre-recorded human-interest stories exploring a variety of weather-related topics. The show goes behind-the-scenes with Met Éireann forecasters during Hurricane Ophelia, gets a day-in-the-life style snapshot of champion surfer, Easkey Britton, who rides the biggest waves on the north west coast, goes island-hopping with one of nation’s oldest voluntary weather observers and follows a man whose mission it is to make Ireland the world’s leading cloud-holiday destination.

With live interviews, weather balloon launches, celebrity weather challenges, a mind-expanding science corner and insightful snapshots of Irish life, Weather Live is the first national TV event of its kind about weather and must-see television for all the family.

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