Brendan Courtney coaxes more poignant memories and time-travelling revelations from 8 well-known Irish National Treasures as he accompanies them on a nostalgic journey back to the places that have meant most to them over the course of their colourful lives.

To begin the new series, Brendan meets actor Bryan Murray who shows him around some of his former homes and he tells Brendan some of the stories of his life.


Born in a rundown tenement in Islandbridge the 70 year old actor revisits the Corporation House in Arbour Hill that pulled his family out of destitution. In London he steps back into the chic apartment that marked his ascent to TV stardom in BBC's 'Bread’, ‘The Irish RM’ and RTE’s ground-breaking drama ‘Strumpet City’.

In the London suburb of Barnes he steps back into the house chosen for him by the late actor Peter Bowles and muses on his two failed marriages.

And Bryan recalls how the financial windfall from a series of Soap Adverts in the US was lost in an ill-advised County Kildare Theme-Park scheme.

And of course he goes back to Brookside Close to the House where his legendary Channel 4 soap villain Trevor Jordache lay rotting under the patio for two dramatic years!