Models and influencers, sporting legends and TV stars, singers and comedians all think they have what it takes to pass Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals.

Each of them has excelled in their chosen field but now their reputations are on the line, as they go way beyond their comfort zone, to face the biggest test of their lives, to attempt to pass a condensed version of Special Forces selection.

Over six days, the celebrity recruits will be required to pass numerous rigorous physical and mental tests. Surviving on two to three hours of sleep a night they will have to overcome cold-water events, height tests and claustrophobic challenges as well as various trials of strength, stamina and determination.

With each celebrity recruit representing a charity of their choice the stakes are high, the longer they can last in Hell, the more money they will raise for their worthy cause.

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Friends of the Coombe

Children's Health Foundation

Jack & Jill Foundation


Good Shepherd Cork
MacMillan Cancer Support
Capuchin Day Centre
Women's Aid
Variety Ireland
Cuan Mhuire Athy
LGBT Ireland
My Canine Companion
Breast Cancer Ireland
World Food Programme
Pieta House
Let's Get Talking
Kerry Hospice
Epilepsy Ireland