As we come through the pandemic, the home has become the focal point of our lives, now more than ever. Many of us have been forced to look at the spaces we live in, regardless of size, from a fresh perspective – for some that meant relocating to another area, for others that meant re-imagining their homes in a completely new way.

In this new 2 part series, Dermot Bannon travels through the country meeting the people who have designed, renovated, reimagined and rebuilt the spaces around them throughout the pandemic. He meets those who have brought their dreams to life. From architects to amateurs, Dermot learns how they have changed their environments to suit their needs.

Along the way he puts on his architect's hard hat and offers advice to those who need a bit of help. Like the McCarthy siblings in Cork, who bought an old double decker bus to convert it into accommodation. Or the Purcells in Louth, who are building a beach hut, with full beach attached.

Starts Sunday 6th June, 9.30pm on RTÉ One.