Irish personalities reveal how the places they've lived in have shaped their lives in this unique and intimate celebrity biography show.

From childhood home to first rented flat and beyond, each property opens another chapter in the celebrity’s’ life story – it also sees them reunited with surprise faces from their past. Brendan Courtney begins each episode by handing one of these Irish 'national treasures’ a bunch of keys. These are the keys to some of the significant homes they’ve lived in. And so begins a journey to unlock the evolution of their personal and professional lives in memory-rich bricks and mortar.

Together Brendan and our celebrity revisit key houses they’ve lived in – and in one of these homeplaces they’re reunited with a person or group of people from that period of their life.

This is a series that offers a fresh insight into the lives of well-known personalities as each home visited unlocks deeply evocative memories.

Keys To My Life returns, Sunday 11th April at 7.30pm on RTÉ One.