In this eight part series Eoin McGee works closely with a diverse range of people with very different financial goals.

The current pandemic has created financial uncertainty for many but has also seen savings rise significantly. Now, more than ever, financial advice, planning and knowhow are vital.

Through the series Eoin meets: a small business owner who is struggling to stay afloat in the pandemic; a couple in the process of downsizing their home as they head for retirement; a young couple who dream of getting married and owning their own home; a couple worried about the financial fallout from a recent health event; a single Mum struggling with debt; a couple who want to grow their family and remain financially secure; a family of four who long for their own space; and a couple planning to finance a self-build.

Eoin delves into their finances carrying out a full financial audit, investigating their money habits. He then presents each household with a tailored financial plan addressing both the short and the long term. Over the course of the series he will work closely with each household supporting them to implement the plan, but not without some struggles and unforeseen events along the way.

We are living in uncertain times and some of the households and Eoin have to deal with many uncertainties as they navigate their way to ultimately being good with money.

How To Be Good With Money aims to make the nation more financially savvy through Eoin's no nonsense, accessible advice. Throughout the series, Eoin will provide viewers with solid takeaway advice – personal finance information to help manage day to day finances – while also looking to build future financial resilience.

How To Be Good With Money is made by Indiepics for RTÉ and is sponsored by CCPC, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. Thursday nights on RTÉ One at 8.30pm.