A new comedy panel show, Clear History, fronted by Kevin McGahern, with team captains Joanne McNally and Colin Murphy. In the brand-new RTÉ2 series, which will rewrite the past in the name of comedy, weekly guests will be asked to put comically cringey moments from their personal histories on public display. 

Opposing teams will re-live iconic moments from the nation's history as well as their own personal embarrassments, hoping to make them much funnier the second time around. 

The teams will also take a hilarious dive into Ireland’s colourful past, selecting unforgettable and regrettable moments that could do with being cleared from history. 

In addition, the series will give members of the public an opportunity to have their own mortifying moments 'cleared from history’ as they share hilarious tales with the teams by video.

Starts Thursday 7 January, 9.30pm, RTÉ2.