Finding Joy series 2 with Joy Morris is back! She's found herself and been reborn as Joy 2.0. Yep, this time she’s got it all under control… Kind of.

Following Joy’s unexpectedly popular honest stint as stand-in lifestyle guru and internet sensation covering for the hugely popular Flora Hunter, going back to her old life of spell-checking and grammar in the back office of News Today didn’t hold much appeal. Instead, Joy has decided to go it alone and set up her own online vlogging channel. Based out of a slightly-too-small co-working space with just four desks, Joy’s new team is completed by Stan back on camera, and new-hire Emer on everything else. Sharing the co-working space are Karen, a badass human rights lawyer (but also a bit of a downer), and a former awkward encounter of Joy’s, Philip, who works in marketing and takes the desk rotation policy a bit too seriously.

Tune in, Saturday nights on RTÉ One at 9.55pm.