Herstory is a 6 part documentary series showcasing the stories of 6 compelling Irish women from history. Herstory will explore Irish culture, heritage, innovation and experience – past and present – through a uniquely female lens. Featuring stories expertly researched across history, space, the 32 counties and beyond. We categorise our bi-lingual, epic tales across 6 story pillars; Arts, Business, Science, Technology, Aviation, and Power. Each episode explores some of the most remarkable periods in history through the stories of some of Ireland's most remarkable pioneers in each field. These stories are a vital part of the bigger national picture. It’s your story. It’s my story. It’s Herstory.

Episode one airs on Monday 3rd February at 8.30pm and  documents the life of Lady Mary Heath – Aviator (1896 - 1939). Lady Mary Heath was a Limerick woman of many 'firsts'.