This series is all about meals for the modern cook, that just so happen to be good for you! Quick-cooking, as any busy home cook will know, is an essential skill. With growing interest in veg-forward eating, health-conscious cooks are looking for new ways to bring food to the table without the fuss.

Donal's Super Food In Minutes is a celebration of recipes, tips & kitchen hacks that will provide busy families with real food fast that packs a nutritional punch and delivers on big world flavour. From One pan super suppers and "Super Food" twists on takeaway classics, Donal creates exceptional everyday healthy meals made with good for you ingredients atthe core.

With just ten ingredients or fewer and requiring completely pared-back kitchen basics and a cooking time of 30 minutes or less, each recipe uses streamlined, quick-cooking methods with minimal effort and maximum results that will help you make the most of your time spent in the kitchen.

We’ll see Donal put the Super Food In Minutes ethos to the ultimate test in his five-minute meal challenge. With just five minutes on the clock and no breaks, it’s a race against time for Donal to create delicious meals and sweet treats that are fast and full of flavour.

Episode 1 - Wednesday 6th November, 8.30pm.

Donal’s recipe’s for Episode 1 are

Main Recipe 1: Tomato & Summer Vegetable Braised Chicken

Main Recipe 2:General Tso’s Tofu Stir-fry

Tasty 1:Spice-crusted Lamb with White Bean & Tomato Salad

Tasty 2:Mushroom Grain Bowl

5 Minute Challenge: Caramelised Banana with whipped yoghurt.