In each episode, Eoin helps a household with their finances. Some will be struggling, others less so, but all will have a clear financial goal or aspiration. Eoin will also provide viewers with accessible and incredibly useful hints and tips on personal finance.

Eoin has already been seen giving money advice in RTÉ Two’s This Crowded House with his positive and practical approach to personal finance. He is a regular contributor to national radio and other media, and is a certified CFP and qualified QFA, running his own business, Prosperous Financial Planning.

Across the series he’ll meet six very different households – a mix of families in financial trouble, or those facing a big financial outlay – a much-needed renovation, an early retirement, a house or a dream holiday. He’ll find out about the household’s financial issues and observe their current behaviours, spending and circumstance. Eoin will do a full financial audit and present the household with a clear financial plan to achieve their goal. Over the next few months he will follow the ups and downs as the household attempts to implement the plan.

Episode 1

In the first episode of the series, Eoin meets Kerri and Brian from Cork. They wonder if they’ll ever be able to save enough for big things like holidays, cars or even their own home – which is their long-term goal.

Kerri is a guidance counsellor and Brian teaches business, but even they find it hard to stick to a budget. They love spending cash socialising with friends and family – especially with so many good foodie destinations on their doorstep – yet struggle to remember where exactly their money goes each month. And with a family wedding coming up in the US, they would love to be able to go without getting into more debt. But one thing the couple are adamant about is that getting help from a financial planner "won’t make them tight."