Brand new TV series - 'Eoin McGee's Street Wise’

Financial planner Eoin McGee wants to help you and your community help each other as the stark realities of the rising cost of living takes hold.

Over the last four years Eoin has helped individuals, couples and families ‘How To Be Good With Money’. With the cost of living set to remain high Eoin is still looking to help households tackle their financial futures … but in his new series he also wants to bring neighbours together to find solutions that benefit everyone. It could be as simple as using bulk buying to drive better deals for all on the street to finding ways to swap favours and skills to save money.

Do you have short and long term goals you don’t know how to save for? Would you like Eoin’s help with your finances? Do you think you have like-minded neighbours who would be interested in saving money? If you are interested in taking part in his new TV show 'Eoin McGee's Street Wise' please contact Helen on or call 01 708 8146.