Our homes. Storehouses of family life. Rooms filled with memories and memorabilia. Useful things. Precious things.

And then there’s everything else – tumbling from wardrobes and clogging up rooms for no good reason.

Let’s face it – as a nation we’re loathe to let things go. We drag everything we own from home to home, filling shelves and spare rooms with knick-knacks, excess furniture and old clothes we just don’t need.

One day, a Spring clean will come, but somehow, it never does. Until now…

In this series, architect and designer Róisín Murphy and her team’s challenge will be to rescue SIX cluttered homes and redesign two entire rooms in a no-holds-barred makeover, with help from IKEA Ireland.

Do you have piles and piles of useless clutter in your front room? Do you have trouble letting go of the past? If so we want to hear from you.

To apply either do so online at www.cocotelevision.ie/desperatehouses

Or download a paper application here and return it via post.