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8–11 Category Winner This is Art! 2023

A Day in Lesvos

Tadhg Tural Aged 11 • Dublin

Artist Statement

I painted my picture while I was sitting outside of the courthouse in Lesvos island, which is in Greece. Our friend, Sean Binder and other volunteers were on trial inside. They didn't do anything wrong- they were helping refugees- but the government punished them for that. They were doing good work but they were arrested, so we went to their trial to say that we supported them. Sometimes I wasn't allowed in the courtroom because I wasn't old enough, so I sat outside waiting for a really long time.

Comments from the Jury

“This was a compelling winner in this category and shows how art can tell stories on many levels. There is a lovely freedom to how Tadgh draws the courthouse and you can feel the light and heat from the way he describes buildings with fluency and accuracy. It also tells a personal powerful story of what is happening in the courthouse from his perspective. Congratulations!”

Colin Martin RHA, RHA School & NCAD

“This is a truly remarkable drawing! The beautiful application of paint and pen, sophisticated use of colour, attention to detail and expresive mark making. It has it all! The judges were struck by the circumstances that brought Tadhg to Lesvos and that his artwork stands as an important document to highlight the story. Really exceptional work Tadhg, I look forward to seeing more of your art in the future!” 

Tadhg Crowley, The Glucksman, University College Cork

“At a time of stress and anxiety, this artist has managed to capture the calm of the situation, with great poise and strength. Art should have meaning, depth, feeling and agenda, and Tadhg has achieved all of that and more.”

Ruth Medjber, Photographer