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7 & Under Category Winner This is Art! 2023

Punk the Skunk

Maimoonah Syed Aged 6

Artist Statement

Punk the Skunk loves bubble baths and perfumes.

Comments from the Jury

“What a wonderfully expressive and joyful artwork! It is rare that an artwork will capture the attention of all the judges the way that Punk the Skunk did. A beautiful use of materials, Maimoonah has demonstrated extraordinary skill. Whole hearted congratulations Maimoonah, keep being creative!”

Tadhg Crowley, The Glucksman Museum, University College Cork

“I love Maimoonah’s feeling for colour and paint in this painting. It has a really cheeky feel to the way the skunk is coming over the branch and the paint is scraped back on the bark and the paint is applied with energy. A worthy winner of the 7 and under category! Congratulations.”

Colin Martin RHA, RHA School & NCAD

“Maimoonah, you are a brilliant artist! I LOVED all of your wonderful animal entries and had a hard time choosing my favourite. Punk the Skunk is really accomplished – I can really see him peeping out of the muck under a bushy green tree. The composition and the colours are so beautifully chosen and I loved your mark masking especially the squiggles you drew in the earth. Congratulations, and I cannot wait to see more of your work.” 

Amanda Coogan, Visual Artist