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This week!

Episode 2: The Body

Thur March 23rd 5:00pm , RTÉ2

Next week, we’re throwing shapes with an episode dedicated to The Body!

Next week!

Episode 3: The Sun

Thur March 30th 5:00pm , RTÉ2

The Sun – giver of light, life and inspiration since the dawn of time. You will discover how shadows can inspire abstract collage, how UV light will expose stunning images, and how stained-glass can give the sun’s light a divine effect. You will see how Ella captures the ‘stars’ at a music festival with photographer Ruth Medjber.

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  • Episode 1

    The Face

    This week we’re back for a brand new series of This is Art Club! We’re getting up close with our source of inspiration – The Face!

  • Episode 4

    The Land

    This is Art Club! goes outside to explore the wonder of The Land.

    In the studio, we scavenge for natural materials to recreate landscapes, while we visit legendary art collective Macnas in Galway, and we discover how one young Leitrim artist has turned building pet scarecrows into an art form.

  • Episode 5

    The City

    Inspired by The City and our urban environments, Art Clubbers design their own mega-metropolis with recycled cardboard boxes; we explore photo-montage animation techniques with Una Gildea and visit an epic transition year art project in Adamstown.

  • Episode 6

    The Line

    We follow the path of inspiration with an episode dedicated to The Line.

    We learn an ancient art-hack using a thumbtack and a piece of string, we explore different ways of kinetic art mark-making in Dublin Port and see how a young Waterford artist is documenting every inch of his beloved heritage town with a felt tip pen.

  • Episode 7

    The Word

    We can’t stop talking about our episode dedicated to The Word!

    From protest banners to altered books, we explore how words are used to inspire and create art. With a printing press we turn slang words into colourful prints, Ross gives an Irish legend the comic book treatment and Sean goes backstage at The Gaiety to see how theatre designers make a life size elephant out of a yoga mat and a pool noodle.

  • Episode 8

    The Mind

    We let our imaginations run wild with a special episode dedicated to The Mind.

    Our art clubbers are reinventing medieval gargoyles with a creative flair, Ross plays mind games with some fantastic beasts and we get messy in NCAD making expressionist action art. We visit the incredible workplace of Kilkenny painter Elizabeth Cope and in studio, Holly chats to illustrator and comedian Aoife Dooley who has some great advice for aspiring artists.