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• Entries Closed Now! • Winners Announced June 10th

What is the theme for the competition?

The theme for this year’s competition is “This is Inspiration!”. We encourage you to think about the theme and respond to it in any way you like. We want you to explore your creativity and express your unique perspective through your artwork. Whether you are inspired by nature, emotions, or your personal experiences, we’re eager to see how you bring the theme to life through your art. Get inspired and show us what this theme means to you!

Who is eligible to enter the competition?

This year's competition is open to young people, aged 18 years of age or younger (8th May 2023) of all abilities and backgrounds living in any of the 32 counties on the island of Ireland. 

Do I maintain ownership of my artwork?

Yes, all artists maintain ownership of their artwork. However, by submitting to the competition, you grant permission to This is Art!, RTÉ, The Creative Ireland Programme, and selected Local Authorities, as well as any third-party service providers, to use the artwork to promote the art, the competition, and to feature it on social media and in local or national exhibitions, as well as on the companion TV programme “This is Art Club!”.

It's important to note that your artwork may be edited or cropped to improve image quality.

What kind of artwork is eligible for submission?

All original artwork is eligible for submission, as long as it has not been created using templates, colour-by-numbers, AI image generation tools, or other similar techniques. We encourage young artists to experiment with different mediums and formats, and to express their creativity in their own unique way. So whether you prefer to work with pencils, paint, pixels, paper or plastic or anything in between, we welcome your submissions and can't wait to see the amazing artwork you create!

How many times can I enter the competition?

You may submit as many different artworks as you like but you’ll need to upload a separate entry form for each entry.

What are the prizes for the competition winners?

A prize fund of more that €10,000 will be awarded across the different categories for materials, further education and art-related vouchers.

How do I submit my artwork for the competition?

Ready to show off your artistic skills and enter the competition? Here's what to do:

  • Create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece

  • Snap or Scan a high-resolution digital image of your work using a scanner, smart phone or digital camera

  • Upload your images along with your completed entry form to and upload your images

When is the deadline for submitting my artwork?

All entries must be submitted online via THIS IS ART! website by the closing date, midnight Monday 8th May 2023. This date is final. If your entry is received after this date it will not be submitted to the competition. Allow plenty of time to upload your entry.

What are the guidelines for submitting artwork?

  • Keep your image files under 7MB for easy uploading.

  • We accept both JPG and PNG formats.

  • Make sure your artwork is original and all yours - no copying allowed!

  • Show respect to others by asking permission before using someone's image in your artwork.

  • Let's keep it classy - steer clear of defamatory, obscene, explicit, or hateful content, or anything that could be considered threatening.

  • We want to make sure everyone can enjoy the digital gallery, so submissions will be moderated to ensure the gallery is appropriate for all ages.

  • In other words, only submit what you'd feel comfortable sharing in school - no graphic, violent, adult, or explicit content, please!

  • Get creative! Use any materials you'd like for your artwork.

  • For now, we cannot accept moving image artworks like animation, film, video or GIF's. However if you are an artist who works with the moving image you can still choose to submit a photograph, still images, frame grab or character design.  Please use your artist's statement to explain the work that your chosen image represents. 

  • If you’re submitting a performance art piece, make sure the essence of it can be captured in a photo. Just don't forget to give us all the details in your artist statement.

  • Remember to submit two images per entry - one of your artwork and one with you holding it. This second image is for verification purposes only, and only the artwork image will be displayed in the digital gallery.

What happens after I submit my artwork?

Submissions for the competition open from Monday 13th March 2023 and the digital gallery will go live on Friday 31st March 2023.

As your submissions come in, they'll be checked over by our moderators and added to the digital gallery.

Keep checking back in – the digital gallery will be updated daily with new works of art.

Your first name, age, and county of residence will be posted online alongside your artwork and artist statement.

Who will be judging the competition entries?

The judging process will take place after the closing date, during the month of May 2023. All of the entries will be viewed by RTÉ and the Creative Ireland Programme and a shortlist created. Our judging panel will select the category winners and commendations from this shortlist.

This year, we have an amazing panel of jurors for This is Art! 2023 They're a group of industry professionals, and super-talented creatives.

  • Tadhg Crowley, Curator at Glucksman Museum, UCC

  • Aoife Dooley, Illustrator & Author

  • Ruth Medjber, Photographer

  • Annie Fletcher, Director of IMMA

  • Amanda Coogan, Performance Artist

  • Colin Martin, RHA School & NCAD

Can I receive feedback on my artwork?

Unfortunately due to the volume of entries we get, our team simply cannot provide feedback for every individual submission. 

For some highly commended artworks, our jury panel may provide comments which we will share with artists along with their Certificate of Commendation.

What happens if I win the competition

In May 2023, either you (if you're over 18) or your parent / guardian will get a call from our team. Your artwork will be showcased prominently on our website homepage.

How will the winners be announced?

The winning entries will be announced at Cruinniú na nÓg on the 10th June 2023. All winning entries will be featured on the This is Art! Website and social media channels.

How will the artwork be exhibited?

Your artwork will be available for all to see here on our website once our gallery goes live on 31st March 2023.

Your Local Authority may also decide to exhibit your submission as part of their annual art programmes, including Cruinniú na nÓg celebrations.

Can I use an old piece of artwork?

No, it must be something you made in the last year for it to be considered in the competition.

If I entered in previous years, can I enter again?

Absolutely. You may enter again this year with a new and original piece of art that has been made within the last year.

Can I enter an artwork I entered in another competition?

Unfortunately not. The artwork you submit to This Is Art! must be unique and never submitted to any competition in the past.

How can I contact the This is Art! team with further questions?

If you (or an adult) have read through everything on our website and are still unclear about something please send us an email here:

We’ll try our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.