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Yichen • Age 15

Life is a journey voyaged on train, and in virtue of that, a heterogeneity of scenery must be observed, a variety of people must be met and encountered, and multifarious incidents must be experienced, and lived. There will be a lot of stations along the journey, and they all define metamorphosis in life. This idea inspired me as it is so relevant and relatable to me. When I was only a few months old, my parents brought me to China to live with my grandparents, and even now I can still recall to how much I missed them when I grew a bit older. When I was nine years old, my parents brought me back to Ireland and the yearning and unmovable tenacity I had to their company at the time was truly overwhelming. Initially when I begin my life of novelty in Ireland, It was hard to adapt to this new environment and I despised it. And yet, now, albeit the yearning and connection, I begin to enjoy this new life more and more, and it was truly and transcendently fascinating to perceive this journey that evolved and shaped me into what I am today.