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Art Club

THIS IS ART CLUB! a show about 
art for young artists and art lovers everywhere.

Every week, we’ll be focusing on one special material. We’ll be discovering where it comes from and why it makes such incredible art.

Each week, with the help of our young Artist Apprentices, we’ll take a look at the coolest art from inspiring Irish artists, discover some exciting jobs in the art world, and see how you might turn your love of art into a career. From tech to teacups, makeup to metals, and digital dots to real paint pots, we cover all the materials and processes that make the world of art go round.

You can watch this series of This is Art Club! every week on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player. Wanna get involved? Get in touch on Instagram, Facebook if you have any news about art in your area!


RTÉ2 @ 5:00pm

TIA Club!


RTÉ2 | MAR 3

Last week we explored Clay, one of the most fun materials out there. It’s also one of the most versatile, and is used in everything from false teeth to toilets.


RTÉ2 | MAR 10

In this week’s art club we explore Colour, one of the most fun materials out there. It’s also one of the most versatile, and is used in everything from false teeth to toilets.


RTÉ2 | MAR 17

What’s up with metal? Well in next week's episode we uncover this material strong, sturdy and durable, metal comes from minerals that are found in rocks. You’ll see metal used not only in sculptures, but in skyscrapers, cars, and even in your kitchen as tinfoil!


RTÉ2 | MAR 24

Don’t be fooled by paper’s simplicity, invented in China over a thousand years ago, and has travelled the world and is now used for books, music, art and even architecture.


RTÉ2 | MAR 31

Glass is a puzzling material – hard but delicate, tough but brittle, sharp but smooth…a real contradiction. Unlike other materials we are learning about, we don’t know how glass was discovered.


RTÉ2 | APR 7

Fibre is woven into every area of our lives, even if we don’t realise it. Fibres make up threads, which make up textiles, which make up our clothes, carpets and curtains.


RTÉ2 | APR 14

Plastic has a bad rap these days, but this relatively recent man-made material is also one of the smartest. The fact that it can imitate pretty much every other material means it is one of the most interesting to use.


RTÉ2 | APR 21

All hail the powerful pixel! Nothing has transformed our world more in recent years than the small but mighty digital pixel, thousands of which you are looking at right now as you read this on your screen.

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