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Dot's trial begins

EastEnders May 4 - 8

Dot's trial, mind games and a very big lottery win - it's quite the week in Albert Square.

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Jackie's mental state deteriorates

Fair City May 5 - 7

Jackie's mental state deteriorates, the who's-the-daddy? mystery continues and Kerri-Ann and Decco receive a shock.

What are they thinking?

Red Rock May 6 - 7

With Rachel still missing, the Reids make a television appeal - will this be the breakthrough?

Is Inspector O'Shea going to hear the truth?

Ros na Rún May 5 - 6

A punch-up, a disappearance, some pot-stirring and, perhaps, a moment of truth.

Paul enjoys a celebratory drink at the bar

Neighbours May 4 - 8

This week on Ramsay Street, Shelia confronts Naomi about Brennan, while Lauren doesn't know how to handle Bailey's bad behaviour.


Home and Away May 4 - 8

This week in Summer Bay, Ash tells Brax the truth, while Denny runs away from her.

Lockie hands money over to Porsche

Hollyoaks May 4 - 8

This week on Hollyoaks, Kyle and Aiden recruit Harry into the football team in exchange for his silence over what happened.

Laurel hits Marlon in the face

Emmerdale May 4 - 8

This week on Emmerdale, Laurel is horrified when Marlon calls her an alcoholic and she hits him hard in the face. Will her violent actions force her to get help?

Stress galore for Jim

Fair City April 26 - 30

More heartache for Dolores, stress galore for Jim and love at last for two Carrigstown residents.