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Debbie gets on the wrong side of the hotel owner

Fair City October 4 - 7

This week on Fair City, Deirdre, Jo and Dermot prepare to say goodbye as they leave for America. Jo and Dermot are heartbroken saying farewell.

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Kathy back in the Square

Eastenders October 5 - 9

Elaine's toyboy Jason makes himself at home at The Vic, but Linda struggles to warm to him. After an incident upstairs, Linda tells Jason that he needs to leave and reveals to her mum that she can't accept him. Mick senses there is something more to it.

Niamh is stunned when Adam attempts to run her over on the street in his mum's car.

Ros na Rún October 6 - 8

Niamh is arrested, while Berni voices her suspicions to Laoise. Bobbi Lee acknowledges her feelings for Vince.

Sally's resolve starts to crumble when it becomes clear that Tim is not coming.

Coronation Street October 5 - 9

As Sally makes last-minute preparations for her wedding, Sophie is amazed to realise that Tim hasn't backed down and Sally is just banking on him turning up. Sophie tells Kevin that she fears Sally is having a breakdown, refusing to accept the wedding is

Peri leaves her baby at the Browns' house

Hollyoaks October 5 - 9

This week on Hollyoaks, Dr S'Avage tells Cindy that the strand of hair they found in the Gloved Hand Killer's locker belongs to Tegan.

At the hospital Vanessa is left feeling redundant as Victoria Barton and Adam Barton fuss over Johnny.

Emmerdale October 5 - 9

Vanessa tries to hide her dread at having to spend another day at the hospital. She arrives at the vets eager to help, but Paddy and Rhona insist that she should take as long as she needs with Johnny. She leaves frustrated.

It's a busy and exciting time for Zac

Home and Away October 5 - 9

Things are all-go for Zac this week as he finds Charlotte and Hunter a place to live.

Wayne and Orla are treading choppy waters

Fair City September 28 - October 2

Orla's drinking is causing Wayne and Dolores a lot of concern, while Charlotte finds herself between a rock and a hard place when Decco finds out about her dodgy dealings.

There's a whodunnit afoot in Emmerdale

Emmerdale September 28 - October 2

There's a big whodunit in the dales this week with Robert's life hanging in the balance after the shooting.