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The lead performances by a bunch of unknowns are pretty astonishing

Straight Outta Compton

This biopic of NWA starts like an out-of-control train (on fire) but eventually skids into music movie convention. However, the lead performances by a bunch of unknowns are pretty astonishing.

  • Efron is relatively likeable and empathetic as Cole

    We Are Your Friends

    A dull and mindless coming-of-age story full of boobs, biceps and bass.

  • Rupert Friend show off his dexterity in Hitman: Agent 47

    Hitman: Agent 47

    Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto and Ciarán Hinds star in a dumb-ass action movie about genetically-modified killers.

  • Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years - marital tensions on the Norfolk Broads

    45 Years

    Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are Kate and Geoff, a couple who have weathered 45 years of marriage together. However, in the days leading up to their anniversary party, the arrival of a letter threatens their intimacy and trust.

  • Jessica Chastain in Miss Julie

    Miss Julie

    Liv Ullmann should write a fresh screenplay and forget about adapting Strindberg. Yes, put Colin Farrell in it and Samantha Morton and Jessica Chastain if she wants, but dream up something new.

  • James Ransone seems uncomfortable in his lead role.

    Sinister 2

    This sequel to the 2012 film is more silly than sinister.

  • Ranks among 2015's best

    The Wolfpack

    This ranks among 2015's best.

  • The characters have no depth and none of the clan is particularly likeable


    This reboot of Harold Ramis' 1983 classic National Lampoon's Vacation rehashes the central plot of the original but loses the heartfelt family sentiment along the way.

  • The Great Wall -  Don't fence me in

    The Great Wall

    The Great Wall  is brave, provocative cinema which deals with the tragic situation of immigrants into Europe - ever more topical with each day that passes.

  • Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff in Paper Towns

    Paper Towns

    Cara Delevingne stars in an irritating teen fantasy with very few ideas of its own.

  • Amy Schumer and Bill Hader are a delight to watch together


    Fans of Amy Schumer's brilliant, blisteringly honest stand-up comedy and hilarious Comedy Central show were eagerly awaiting her self-penned, big-screen debut, but does it live up to expectations?

  • The chemistry between Lola Kirke and Greta Gerwig is excellent

    Mistress America

    Mistress America's ending is a little too rushed - the film is only 84 minutes - but, really, that's the only cheating here.

  • No summer must-see


    No game-changer.

  • Sait Faik's stories have a curious sparkle despite the often hard-pressed, dissolute lives of his characters.

    A Useless Man Sait Faik Abasiyanik

    Sait Faik Abasiyanik (1906-1954) is one of Turkey's most revered writers who wrote 12 books of short stories. The tales collected in A Useless Man are vivid, colourful slices of life drawn straight off Istanbul's streets like water fresh from a well.

  • Henry Cavill stars as CIA agent Napoleon Solo

    The Man from UNCLE

    This Guy Ritchie-directed adaptation of a 1960s' TV show borrows little from the original and ends up being a by-numbers pastiche of a Sixties' caper movie