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Michael Fassbender puts in a tortured, highly original turn as Macbeth


Director Justin Kurzel's take on Shakespeare's famous tale of greed and ambition is as ruthlessly ambitious as its protagonist.

  • Matt Damon once again proves why he will go down in history as an acting great.

    The Martian - Movie Review

    Superbly smart and surprisingly funny, The Martian is an epic blockbuster that showcases Matt Damon and director Ridley Scott at their finest.

  • Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails

    Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails

    A youngster, a friendly ghost and an unemployed ghost hunter try to rid their town of an Angry Ice Ghost.

  • Like nothing else in music right now

    Girl Band - Holding Hands with Jamie

    Dublin's Girl Band may owe something to early post-punk mavericks like The Pop Group and The Birthday Party but they sound like nothing else in music right now on their harrowing but blackly funny debut album

  • Hawley: through a glass, darkly

    Richard Hawley - Hollow Meadows

    Hawley recorded his eighth album while recovering from a broken leg and a slipped disc - it's given him plenty of time for bittersweet reflection and epiphany

  • A slice of UK musical life-form from 1970-1971, with three albums in the one box.

    Turtle Records Pioneering British Jazz 1970-1971

    Three individual British albums released by music legends Mike Osborne, Howard Riley and John Taylor and released in one year - 1970-1971 - are the matter of this neat box set reissue.

  • The casting of Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson is spot on


    You'll be determined to make even more of your own after watching.

  • Bessie Nolan is one of the 30 centenarians featured in Older Than Ireland

    Older Than Ireland

    The Irish Pub director Alex Fegan is back with a new documentary film, this time featuring thirty Irish centenarians. John Byrne loved it.

  • Miss You Already: if its early promise had been properly built on we might have had a half-decent film.

    Miss You Already

    It begins with a keen sense of drama following a breast cancer diagnosis, but Miss You Already rapidly loses it way in exceptionally shallow dialogue and a distinct lack of convincing plot.

  • Uncompromisingly deep-delving but dazzling too: Pérez Patitucci Blade

    Pérez Patitucci Blade - Children of the Light

    Intended in part as a thank you gift to Wayne Shorter with whom the trio three spent over ten years in the master saxophonist's quartet, Children of the Light burns with muscular vibrancy.

  • Christian McBride Trio having fun in New York last December

    Christian McBride Trio Live at Village Vanguard

    Drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr and  pianist Christian Sands joined veteran bassist Christian McBride to form this trio sometime around 2010, but they waited until 2014 to record this live outing at the New York venue.

  • Jack Black stars in The D Train

    The D Train

    Jack Black is in cracking form as the self-proclaimed chairman of his high school's reunion committee who tries to convince a relatively famous ex-pupil to attend the event

  • No heights are scaled


    This account of the 1996 climbing tragedy on the world's highest mountain looks amazing but fails to scale any emotional or dramatic heights

  • Reacher's criss-crossing of the US brings him to Mother's Rest, Oklahoma

    Lee Child Make Me

    It's the 20th book in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. Harry Guerin thinks there could be some changes ahead for this hero of our time.

  • Maurice Riordan: moving, vivid evocations from a rural Cork upbringing

    Maurice Riordan The Holy Land/ The Water Stealer

    Cork poet Maurice Riordan has written beautifully of his rural upbringing in Lisgoold, County Cork, in the collections Floods, The Water Stealer and The Holy Land. Rendered in a Munster accent, Riordan's is a different take from Seamus Heaney's view.