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Yes, that is Tom Cruise hanging off the side of a plane in take-off

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

It may be into its fifth instalment, but there is no sign of things slowing down for the Mission: Impossible franchise. 2011's Ghost Protocol injected a new lease of life into the beast, and now Rogue Nation takes things up another notch.

  • Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon star in this typical odd-couple buddy comedy

    Hot Pursuit

    Sexist clichés, predictability and comedy-by-numbers waste what could have been a great female buddy comedy.

  • Excellent work - physical and mental - from Jake Gyllenhaal


    Punch-drunk love.

  • Stacey (Lauren Kinsella) is more than a match for Will (Aidan Gillen)

    You're Ugly Too

    Aidan Gillen plays a wayward prisoner given compassionate release to look after his orpahned niece Stacey - a great Lauren Kinsella - in his lowkey debut from director Mark Noonan

  • There's so much going on here that one watch now won't be enough

    Inside Out

    A beautiful mind.

  • Félix de Givry as Paul


    French movie Eden delves into the underground dance scene of Paris in the 1990s and the emergence of acts such as Daft Punk, but ultimately proves to be an underwhelming broken record.

  • Robert Carlyle directs and stars in The Legend of Barney Thomson

    The Legend of Barney Thomson

    Robert Carlyle's impressive directorial debut is a black comedy about a Glaswegian barber who becomes an accidental killer.

  • The plot of the film is based on a memoir by the same name

    True Story

    You'd expect a film starring Jonah Hill and James Franco to feature lewd sex jokes, cameos from their mates, and copious amounts of marijuana. But this is far from the case in True Story, their latest joint venture.

  • Marvel knows pest


    Marvel knows pest.

  • Time to break out the night vision goggles

    The Gallows

    Bad noose OR The Breakneck Club - take your pick. Harry Guerin reviews the latest found footage horror flick.

  • Simenon - master of suspense and motive

    Georges Simenon Inspector Maigret

    Crime writer Georges Simenon (1903-1989) wrote 75 Maigret novels and 28 Maigret short stories. Penguin Classics are reissuing them all in translation and they are well worth checking out.

  • Edith Hall's account helps us understand where the Greeks are coming from, in terns of national characteristics that still abide, many centuries after the country's birth.

    Edith Hall Introducing The Ancient Greeks

    To help us understand the Greeks - both the ancient race and by extension the modern for there is obvious continuity - Edith Hall has written a fascinating book which is erudite, witty and accessible.

  • Friends and guests gathered to perform with Andy at Vicar Street in 2012, now on CD and DVD

    Andy Irvine 70th Birthday Concert Vicar St DVD/CD

    A recently-released DVD and CD capture the electric atmosphere at Andy Irvine's 70th birthday nights at Vicar Street in 2012.

  • Paul Dano as Brian Wilson recording the Pet Sounds album

    Love and Mercy

    Paul Dano and John Cusack are superb in this compelling and intimate biopic of Beach Boy Brian Wilson that focuses on two pivotal periods of his life.

  • Song of the Sea: a gem of Irish animation from Tomm Moore and the celebrated Cartoon Saloon.

    Song Of The Sea

    Selkie - yes you read that right. The Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea is not a film about a selfie - for which indeed we are most grateful - but a selkie, a seal child. It is a true gem of animation, an Irish film of which we can be proud.