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Concussion will make you think, make you feel, and make you angry and uplifted simultaneously


A story that proves, once again, that real-life events are so much more interesting than fiction.

  • So gritty that you might feel you have to wipe your feet after leaving the cinema

    The Survivalist

    Northern Discomfort.

  • Prog metal's new Camino do Santiago

    Album Review: Dream Theater - The Astonishing ****

    Prog metal's new Camino do Santiago.

  • Deadpool's brings his one-liners back to smash the fourth-wall with an unholy bang


    The unpredictable katana-swinging mercenary and his twisted sense of humour are back. Prepare for the doors to get blown off your local theatre.

  • Frock and roll

    Zoolander No 2

    The world's favourite fashion dummies return to a high concept idiocy. With great cheekbones

  • Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash

    A Bigger Splash

    The volcanic island of Pantelleria, off the coast of Sicily, is the setting for Luca Guadagnino's latest feature, a tale of hedonistic music people which builds well towards a tragic climax but loses focus towards the end.

  • Marian Keyes

    Marian Keyes - Making It Up As I Go Along

    The sub-title to Marian Keyes' new book - a rare foray into non-fiction for the hugely successful novelist -  is `Tales from an eejit who was buying shoes the day Life's Rulebook was issued.' Thus Marian's quirky observations on life and its ins and outs.

  • Not kidding anyone

    Dad's Army

    Dad's Army returns with the old bungles and prat-falls but the script is misjudged and there is a severe rationing of belly laughs

  • Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey replace Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in this remake of Point Break

    Point Break

    Utterly ridiculous, but a thrilling watch.

  • Joseph Fiennes and Nicole Kidman in Strangerland


    In this impressive indie movie, Joseph Fienes and Nicole Kidman play the married couple who have moved with their two kids to an Australian outback town for murky reasons which become clear as the story proceeds. It's disturbing, taut and clever.

  • Small town South Wales life expertly evoked in Thomas Morris's debut collection.

    Thomas Morris we don't know what we're doing

    Loneliness hovers at the edges of Thomas Morris's masterful short stories, which are set in the author's native town of Caerphilly in South Wales.

  • High octane, fun-lovin', something something blue collar man..

    Hank Williams Jr - It's About Time

    It's hard to resist the Southern swagger and charm of Hank Williams Jr - and it's hard to forget the legend - but with a bit more meaning and less of the partying he could have made a cracker.

  • The same wise-cracking, anarchic spirit as Ghostbusters and Gremlins


    Fun for three-quarters of the family.

  • James Nesbitt (centre) in Lucky Man

    TV Review: James Nesbitt gets lucky while Bridget & Eamon shine

    John Byrne's telly week includes James Nesbitt's Lucky Man, Getaways, Bridget and Eamon, and Marvel's Agent Carter.

  • Chasing down the Cardinal: The Spotlight editorial team


    The solid, reliable Spotlight is essentially All The President's Men rebooted, with the quarry being the real-life Cardinal Law and his errant Boston clergy rather than Richard Nixon and his associates.