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The race against time to reunite a family

San Andreas

With the CGI-fuelled destruction as you'd expect from a summer tent-pole movie, the biggest surprise of San Andreas is that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has to dig a little deeper emotionally amidst the rubble.

  • If you've ever fantasised about a missing romance from Love Actually then Man Up could be the story for you

    Man Up

    If you've ever fantasised about a missing romance from Love Actually then Man Up could be the story for you.

  • There's something endearing about Pacino's vulnerability

    Danny Collins

    Inspired loosely by British folksinger Steve Tilston's discovery that John Lennon had written to him in 1971, writer-director Dan Fogelman's directorial debut, hits just enough good notes to strike a chord with viewers.

  • Dujardin is excellent

    The Connection

    One for fans of Popeye Doyle.

  • Timbuktu- a peaceful, contented family under serious threat


    Mauritanian director Abderrahmane Sissako's arresting film explores the reality of jihad as it impacts on a peace-loving family living in the dunes near Timbuktu.

  • Barnes on art: benignly perceptive as in the best of his (mostly) wonderful work to date

    Julian Barnes Keeping an Eye Open

    This new collection from the amiable Francophile gathers his various writings through the years on art. It's chatty, benignly perceptive and has well-presented reproductions of the paintings under consideration.

  • Kennedi Clements tries out the new-fangled touch screen


    It's heeeeeeere. This remake of Spielberg's haunted house scare fest has a few jolts but it seems rather quaint in a new era of horror movies which deliver long lasting shock value

  • Britt Robertson stars as idealistic teen Casey Newton

    Film review: Tomorrowland: A World Beyond ****

    George Clooney heads the cast but Raffey Cassidy steals the show in this hugely enjoyable family adventure about a secret future world

  • Like nothing you've ever seen before

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    "The first Iranian vampire spaghetti western", is how writer/director Ana Lily Amirpour describes A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. It is like nothing you've ever seen before.

  • The Barden Bellas are back - but can they become World Champions?

    Pitch Perfect 2

    Sequels can be tricky, but fans of the first Pitch Perfect are going to love this follow-up. Plus, there is enough sass, singing and hilarity to raise a smile from the most cynical.

  • "I was a cop searching for a righteous course"

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Tom Hardy is more mumbling than Mad in this unhinged and enjoyable reboot. Read our review.

  • Poems and photographs of Bull Island in all its stark beauty.

    Pat Boran: Waveforms Bull Island Haiku

    This 120-page, pocket-size excursion around Bull Island is Pat Boran's homage in Haiku and photographs to the airy, aqueous spirit of that special place.

  • The Girl Missing From the Window: brave confrontation with contemporary Irish realities

    Paul O'Reilly The Girl Missing From the Window

    The Girl Missing From The Window is often topical in its small town scenarios, yet the collection transcends topicality with style and mastery, as it delves deep into utterly convincing human stories.

  • A neglected gem whose essential sentiment could apply to many wars and many a soldier home on leave

    Daniel Anselme On Leave

    First published in French as La Permission, On Leave appeared at the height of the Franco-Algerian war in 1957. The story concerns three soldiers back in Paris on leave. It's like Hemingway with the gaps filled in and it is a masterpiece.

  • An enjoyably daft caper

    A Royal Night Out

    Windsor hassle.