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Van Morrison His Band and The Street Choir -  the sum of its influences. He had been listening closely to lots of different music all those Belfast years and it shows.

Van Morrison His Band and The Street Choir

His Band and The Street Choir, first released in 1970, is a curious album, self-consciously wearing the sum of its influences, but elusive in spirit.

  • Astral Weeks - Irish heartbeat, mystic strivings.

    Van Morrison Astral Weeks

    One of the great cult records of our time, Van Morrison's album Astral Weeks has been remastered with four unreleased takes of songs from the original record included as bonus tracks.

  • The Freewheeling Josh Ritter

    Josh Ritter - Sermon on The Rocks

    Ritter shakes himself out of a love funk on this triumphant rock-out of a return

  • Songs of faith and redemption

    Dave Gahan & Soulsavers - Angels & Ghosts

    Depeche Mode man Dave Gahan is creeping to the cross again on this second album with gloomy British production duo Soulsavers

  • Superior geezer pop

    Vangoffey - Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It

    A fun and feisty debut solo album from former Supergrass man Danny Goffey

  • Funny because it's true

    John Grant: Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

    Grant delivers another winningly funny and mordant state of the world (and his heart) address on his excellent third album

  • Paper Gods - each track sounds as expensive as a car in a Bond movie.

    Duran Duran: Paper Gods

    Messrs Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John and Roger Taylor are still energetic and making great disco pop on their 14th album. You just can't knock the musical smarts, attended to by a team of producers including Nile Rogers and Mark Ronson.

  • A deeply satisfying album

    David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock

    A deeply satisfying album about life, love and death that switches effortlessly between uplifting and poignant and does wonders for those knots in the soul.

  • Tom Jones - there is only one Green, Green Grass of Home.  . .

    Tom Jones: Long Lost Suitcase

    Released as the companion soundtrack album to Tom's new autobiography, Over The Top And Back - also published today - Long Lost Suitcase is earnest but dull.

  • Like nothing else in music right now

    Girl Band - Holding Hands with Jamie

    Dublin's Girl Band may owe something to early post-punk mavericks like The Pop Group and The Birthday Party but they sound like nothing else in music right now on their harrowing but blackly funny debut album

  • Hawley: through a glass, darkly

    Richard Hawley - Hollow Meadows

    Hawley recorded his eighth album while recovering from a broken leg and a slipped disc - it's given him plenty of time for bittersweet reflection and epiphany

  • Enrico Rava: Rumbustious rattle and hum, post-bebop energy - and lots of wistfulness too

    Enrico Rava Quartet Wild Dance

    Trumpeter Enrico Rava's latest record mixes his characteristically wistful note with rumbustious Hendrix-lite fusion from the Italian veteran and his quartet.

  • Seven Alec Wilder tunes receive extended improvisations on this trio's adventurous live recording from Turin.

    Stefano Battaglia Trio In The Morning

    Italian pianist Stefano Battaglia and his trio interpret the work of American composer Alec Wilder, the celebrated songwriter who was a friend of Sinatra and Peggy Lee. It is intriguing for what Battaglia finds in the songs as much as for anything else.

  • Sacred Armenian music and piano improvisations: Luys i Luso (Light from Light)

    Hamasyan, Yerevan Choir Luys i Luso

    Sacred legacy is treated with respect and affection, as Tigran Hamasyan improvises on piano while the Armenian State Chamber choir sing. Dublin's Christchurch hosts a performance on October 17.

  • They've plenty more in the tank

    Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

    Five years on from the excellent The Final Frontier, Harry Guerin finds the metal icons are far from finished.