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Vue Liffey Valley

05 Febuary - 11 Febuary

Title Times

Capture The Flag

10:35Th, 10:45Tu, 12:45Th, 12:55W, 13:25Tu, 15:30Th, 15:50TuW, 17:25Tu, 17:30Th, 18:00W, 9:25W

Daddy's Home

09:20Th, 09:40Tu, 11:15Tu, 11:45W, 13:50W, 14:05Tu, 15:15Th, 15:35W, 17:50Tu, 18:05M, 18:10W, 18:20Th, 20:25MTh, 20:35Tu, 21:45W

Dad's Army

09:10Th, 10:00Tu, 10:15W, 10:20Th, 11:05Tu, 11:15W, 12:20Th, 12:30Tu, 12:40W, 13:15Th, 14:00TuW, 14:45Th, 14:55Tu, 15:05W, 15:40Th, 16:30Tu, 16:40M, 16:45Th, 16:50W, 18:00M-Th, 19:30M-W, 19:50Th, 20:35M, 20:45TuW


10:45WTh, 12:05WTh, 13:20WTh, 14:40WTh, 16:00WTh, 17:20WTh, 18:40WTh, 20:00WTh, 21:20WTh, 22:00WTh, 9:30WTh

Dirty Grandpa

20:10Tu, 20:20W, 20:30Th


10:45Tu, 11:20W, 11:40Th, 12:20Tu, 12:50W, 12:55Th, 13:50Tu, 14:15Th, 14:20W, 15:05Tu, 15:50Th, 16:05W, 16:25Tu, 17:10W, 17:45Tu, 18:05Th, 18:15Tu, 19:15W, 19:40Th, 20:25Tu

Goosebumps 3D



10:00W, 10:35Tu, 13:15Tu, 9:25Th

Kanye West - Season 3 / Waves


Point Break (2016)

10:00Tu, 11:55Th, 12:05Tu, 13:10W, 14:20Th, 15:20W, 17:20Tu, 17:30W, 17:45Th, 19:35Tu, 21:05W, 22:00Tu, 22:20Th

Point Break (2016) 3D

10:30W, 14:50Tu, 19:20WTh, 21:05Tu, 9:15Th

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

10:30Th, 13:05Th, 14:55Th, 17:55Th

Project Almanac


Ride Along 2

10:15TuTh, 11:45Th, 13:05Tu, 15:05Th, 15:15W, 15:40Tu, 16:45W, 17:05Th, 17:40Tu, 18:35W, 20:30Tu, 20:35WTh, 22:00Tu, 22:05W


10:55W, 11:20Tu, 13:40W, 15:15Tu, 18:15Tu, 20:15Tu, 20:30W, 20:40Th

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: A Peanuts Movie

12:35Th, 12:45Tu, 15:35Tu, 17:45W, 17:50Th, 18:05Tu, 9:25W


11:30TuW, 11:35Th, 13:00WTh, 13:30Tu, 14:30Tu-Th, 16:05TuTh, 16:15W, 17:35TuW, 17:40Th, 19:00Tu, 19:10WTh, 20:00Tu, 20:10WTh, 22:00W, 9:35Th, 9:40W, 9:45Tu

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

11:00Tu, 12:15Th, 12:40Tu, 14:10W, 14:35Th, 14:45Tu, 16:30W, 16:35Tu, 17:10Th

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens 3D

10:00Th, 11:05W

The Big Short

19:45Tu, 19:55W, 20:25Th

The Lady in the Van

12:45Tu, 9:10Th

The Revenant

20:05TuW, 20:15Th

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