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Vue Liffey Valley

03 July - 09 July

Title Times


14:30, 17:30, 20:30





Insidious: Chapter 3


Jurassic World

10:50, 12:30nSu, 13:40, 15:20nSu, 16:30WTh, 16:45F-Tu, 18:10FSa, 18:30WTh, 18:40MTu, 19:15Su, 19:20WTh, 19:50FSaMTu, 21:00F-Su, 21:40M-Th, 22:45FSa

Jurassic World 3D

20:00Su, 20:45SaMTu, 22:30F

Knock Knock

23:45F, 23:50Sa

Magic Mike XXL

11:05M, 11:15nM, 13:00, 13:50M, 14:00nM, 15:40, 16:30M, 16:40nM, 17:30F-Tu, 18:20M-Th, 18:40F-Su, 19:10WTh, 19:30F-Tu, 20:20F-Tu, 21:20M, 21:30nM, 22:10Su-Th, 22:20FSa, 23:15FSa

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron



10:00F-Tu, 11:20F-SuWTh, 11:30MTu, 12:30F-Tu, 13:45WTh, 14:00F-Su, 14:10MTu, 14:50FSa, 15:00Su-Tu, 16:00WTh, 16:30FSa, 16:55Su-Tu, 18:00WTh, 19:00FSa, 19:30Su-Tu, 20:10F, 20:20WTh

Minions 3D

10:40, 13:00Tu-Th, 13:10F-M, 15:30, 17:50F-Tu

Pitch Perfect 2

10:00Su, 11:50nSu, 12:40Su


21:45FSa, 21:50Su-Tu

Ted 2

10:30WTh, 11:30WTh, 13:15WTh, 14:20WTh, 16:10WTh, 17:10WTh, 18:40WTh, 19:30WTh, 20:10WTh, 21:00WTh, 21:50WTh, 22:20WTh

Terminator Genisys

10:40nSu, 11:00Su, 12:10F-Tu, 13:50nSu, 15:15F-Tu, 16:50nSu, 18:20F-Su, 18:40MTu, 20:00, 21:20F-Su, 21:50MTu, 22:00Su, 23:00FSa

Terminator Genisys 3D

14:40, 17:40, 20:40, 23:45FSa

The Royal Opera House: Guillaume Tell


Tomorrowland: A World Beyond


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The Daily Ten

  • Bennifer break up TEN's Top 10 showbiz stories of the week

    From the Bennifer break-up to AC/DC shaking the Aviva all night long to Taylor Swift, well, shaking it off at the 3Arena - here's TEN's Top 10 stories of the week in the biz of show. Have a watch here.

  • Amanda Seyfried: just precioousssss Seyfried on her precioussss nickname in Ted 2

    Amanda Seyfried plays kooky, stoner lawyer Samantha in Ted 2, the new movie adventure about a cuddly bear gone bad. She explains to TEN how she got her wide-eyed and rather preciousssss nickname in the movie. Watch our interview with Amanda here.

  • Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. Instagram/TaylorSwift Swift, Harris are loved up for 4th of July weekend

    Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are spending the 4th of July weekend with a gang of their celebrity friends and have been sharing some rather loved-up snaps together online - see them here!

  • Eminem Eminem turns superhero in new video

    We've always thought Eminem had special powers. Able to go from slightly peeved to full rage faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall rap cliches in a single bound . . . but he goes full on superhero in the video for his new song, Phenomenal.

  • Get the Kleenex at the ready! RTÉ TEN's TV highlights for Saturday, July 4

    The Break-Up, 10,00pm, ITV2, The Notorious, 11.55pm, RTÉ 2 and The Celebrity Chase: Celebrity Special, 8pm, TV3 -here's our top telly for today.

  • Naughty Boy Naughty Boy hints at Zayn single next year

    Producer Naughty Boy says One Defection star Zayn Malik will release his debut solo single next year.

  • Taylor at Dublin's 3Arena on Monday night Swifties send Taylor straight back to No 1

    No surprise here - after her two sell-out shows in Dublin this week, Taylor Swift has shaken off the opposition and shot straight back to the top of the album charts.

  • Hozier Hozier makes top ten in US vinyl sales

    Hozier has made it into the top ten of vinyl sales in the US in a chart which also sees Taylor Swift beat Arctic Monkeys and classics from Pink Floyd and Miles Davis also bolstering the small but steady vinyl comeback.

  • Amy Winehouse, who sadly died four years ago Amy Winehouse film reveals singer's sad decline

    Amy, the heartbreaking new documentary about pop's lost girl Amy Winehouse, has opened in cinemas. Alan Corr talks to the film's director Asif Kapadia about the difficulties he faced in bringing Amy's short and tragic life to the screen.

  • Jake Bugg Jake Bugg working with Beastie Boy on new album

    Jake Bugg has revealed that he is collaborating with Mike D of The Beastie Boys on a new album in LA.