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Cinema Listings

IMC Mullingar

29 April - 05 May

Title Times

Bastille Day

18:30Tu-Th, 20:45nF

Captain America: Civil War 2D Galactic

14:05, 17:15, 20:25

Captain America: Civil War 3D

13:05SS, 16:15, 19:25

Eye in the Sky

18:55Tu-Th, 21:00nF

Friend Request

14:10Tu-Th, 16:20Tu-Th, 19:00nF, 21:10nF

Ratchet and Clank

12:15SS, 14:30nF, 16:45nF, 19:00Sa-M

Robinson Crusoe

14:15nF, 16:30nF, 18:40Sa-M

The Jungle Book (2016)

14:20nF, 16:30nF, 18:45nF, 21:00nF


14:10Sa-M, 16:35Sa-M

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