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Eastenders July 8 - 12

1 of 3 The Beales battle it out
The Beales battle it out
2 of 3 Can Ian get Carl out of his life?
Can Ian get Carl out of his life?
3 of 3 Danny makes an impressive return to the square
Danny makes an impressive return to the square

This week, Ian gives out free breakfast to the locals to let them know Scarlett’s is reopening next week but after he sees Sam’s quote to repair the damage at the restaurant he decides to start charging. Ian is curious when he sees Carl talking to Kirsty until Abi informs Ian that they used to be a couple. When Carl visits Ian at the restaurant, Ian decides to use this information as leverage and he implies that he could tell Kirsty that Carl is extorting money from him. However, Ian’s plan backfires when Carl later shows him he means business. Peter is worried about his dad when he returns home looking pale. Ian tells Peter that he’s had an accident as he reveals his badly burnt hand...

Realising he is on borrowed time living at Jack’s, Michael sets himself a new mission to move back in with Janine. After buying a plate of Ian’s croissants, Michael takes them to Janine’s but not long after he arrives, Janine receives a visit from Danny. Michael instantly feels threatened especially when he sees Danny’s flash car parked outside. Later, Roxy warns Michael that Danny is poison and fills him in on what he did to Syed and Christian. After hearing that Danny, is gay Michael is in a much better mood and when Janine implies that she fancies Danny, Michael takes great pleasure in revealing his sexuality. Later, Michael sees Alice and he puts on the full charm offensive, apologising for everything that has happened. Thinking he is genuine, Alice offers him a room at hers and at first Michael plays it cool but he is secretly thrilled that his manipulation of Alice has worked again. Meanwhile in The Vic, Danny shows off his past work to Janine who is intrigued by him and Michael is annoyed when he realises his tactic hasn’t quite worked.

And with recent events are weighing heavy on Jean’s mind, news that she has been given an allotment doesn’t even put a smile on her face. Jean feels guilty for causing an atmosphere between Bianca and Kat. Kat persuades her not to confess to Ian and tells her to get away for a bit and spend some time at her new allotment but Jean feels she doesn’t deserve it after what she’s done but Kat insists. Jean is thankful to Kat as some peace and quiet is just what she needed. Jean then gets chatting to Ollie, a fellow allotment owner, and he gives her some gardening tips and tells her he will be there every day and Jean’s peaceful space is quickly tarnished…

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