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Home and Awy June 17 - 21

1 of 2 Alf thinks both Jett and Nina are too involved
Alf thinks both Jett and Nina are too involved
2 of 2 Indi is determined to find Romeo
Indi is determined to find Romeo

This week in Summer Bay, Maddy worries that Spencer is over her, while Adam tells Ricky to dump Brax.

Maddy is on the search for Spencer to win him back. Unbeknownst to her, he stayed over at Sasha's so that he could be close to Rosie and support her. As Sasha urges Rosie to see a counsellor, Spencer ignores Maddy's calls. When Maddy finally gets hold of him, Spencer is distracted and she fears that he's no longer interested in her.

Meanwhile, Indi is looking for Romeo's passport. Sid reveals that he's already checked and it's gone. Sid is worried that she's going to try to find Romeo, but Indi is determined and won't listen to his concerns. Chris suggests that wherever Romeo has gone, he would have had his records forwarded to the hospital he's being treated at. Later, Indi tries to hack into the hospital computer records, but gets caught by Sid. Sid reveals that he's already tried to track Romeo and he doesn't want to be found.

Elsewhere, Dex is trying not to think about his hearing with the board. His family try to prepare him, but it's clear that he's really stressed and no longer trusts himself under pressure. April suggests they do a mock trial, but he doesn't take it seriously. April snaps and goes hard on Dex, listing all of his indiscretions and demanding answers.

Later in the week, a distracted Jett reveals that he's broken up with Nina. John wants to talk about it, but Jett snaps that he wants to keep this private. Marilyn is also upset to hear that Jett has broken up with Nina, but Alf thinks they're both too involved. Marilyn seeks out Jett, and he tells her that the split was his choice because it feels disrespectful to be happy so soon after Gina's death. Marilyn reveals Jett's reasons to John, who surprisingly understands what Jett is going through.

Also, Tamara thinks it's convenient that Kyle has disappeared when so much drama is going on, but Casey isn't so sure that Kyle is up to anything. Later, Kyle arrives home after his 'job' for Ricky, where he pulls out a package. Ricky tells him to hold onto the package and she'll organise a drop-off.


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