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LUCKY RUN - Webisodes

Webisode Four
Robbie’s attempt to avoid arrest and escape the blackmail trap is derailed, as it seems that once again Danger Kennedy has all the aces.
Webisode Three
Robbie and Beans discover their cargo is less than recreational, while Billy's attempt to comfort Tina takes an unexpected turn...
Webisode Two
Robbie wants to leave town but a visit from Danger puts a halt to his plans as he's made an offer he can't refuse...
Webisode One
Robbie Dolan wakes after a three-day bender to find himself up to his neck in trouble. With the Guards knocking at the door and rumours that he racked up €5,000 in poker debts, the morning-after feeling doesn’t get much worse than this...
LUCKY RUN is a drama set in Tuam, County Galway. Robbie Dolan enjoyed a life without consequences until his most recent chemical indulgence left him fumbling in the darkest crevices of his home town. Now he's got 48 hours to repay a finger-chopping gangster €5000 and prevent his train-wreck of a life from steamrolling into the fireworks factory...
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