Episode Four

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The Story

When two architects, Gerry and Enda, become victims of the credit crash, the only opportunity available to them is to re-open the butcher shop that one of them has just inherited. Probably the two worst butchers ever, they can't tell a cow's tongue from a pig's ear. There'll be blood on the floor before it's over.

Episode One

With cuts happening in the office, can Gerry and Enda avoid the chop?

Episode Two

With their first customer waiting, where will Gerry and Enda get the two pork chops?

Episode Three

Can Enda and Gerry find their feet and get the Butchers shop ready for the big launch and the Health Inspector's return?

Episode Four

With the Health Inspector lying dead on the chopping block, Gerry and Enda have a pile of meat they need to get rid off and fast.

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