The NFL has sent a memo to teams that outlines what will and won't be allowed on game days in 2020, and it includes a mask requirement for some team personnel, as well as a ban on players swapping jerseys after matches. 

The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that everyone who will be in the bench area will have their temperature taken before entering the stadium, and if it registers 38C or more, that person will be denied entry.

Coaches and players will not need to wear masks, but everyone else on the sideline for a team will.

And after the games, the NFL intends to keep teams socially distanced, forbidding "postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other," and prohibiting the exchange of jerseys, Tom Pelissero reported. also reported that both teams must travel to the stadium by bus and that the media will not have access to the locker rooms.

Pelissero reported that the players have yet to agree to the proposed protocols, and that the negotiations, including those on the jersey swaps, are "still a work in progress". 

It didn't take long for Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49ers to offer up his take on the new jersey exchange rule, even though Rapoport said the NFL Players Association signed off on it.

"This is a perfect example of NFL thinking in a nutshell. Players can go engage in a full contact game and do it safely. However, it is deemed unsafe for them to exchange jerseys after said game," Sherman tweeted, followed by laughter emojis.

The NFL season is scheduled to begin on 10 September when Super Bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs host the Houston Texans.