Name: Meg Ryan

Event: Women's all around gymnastics

Age: 19

Cork's Meg Ryan will be travelling to Tokyo for her first Olympic Games, but had to endure a bit of a sweat before her spot on the plane was confirmed.

Finishing just outside the automatic qualification places at the World Championships, she was installed as the first reserve and had to wait until Olympic rankings in gymnastics closed before her inclusion at the Games was confirmed.

Ryan has previously represented Ireland in European Youth Olympic Festivals and has been involved in serious competitive gymnastics since being crowned as the Minor Irish National Champion in 2015, before stepping up to win at senior level in 2019, when she also made her debut at the World Championships.

Competing in Tokyo is the culmination of a decade long journey and as she explained: "I started when I was about four or five years old, and have been working in the Gymnastics pathway since I was eight. It's great to be continuing on and competing in Tokyo."