Name: Natalya Coyle

Event: Modern Pentathlon

Age: 30

Both Natalya Coyle and her fiancé Arthur Lanigan O'Keeffe have been a fixture for Ireland in the modern pentathlon in recent Olympics, the former registering successive top-ten finishes in both London and Rio.

Despite qualifying, Lanigan O'Keeffe was forced to opt out through injury so all the focus is on Coyle in Tokyo.

The Meath woman has a serious shot at a medal in Japan, finishing ninth in her debut in 2012 and then sixth in Rio.

She secured her qualification for Tokyo with plenty of time to spare after a superb performance in the European Modern Pentathlon Championships in Bath in August 2019. After an impressive display in the Laser Run, she took the fourth out of the eight spots available.

Before that, she had taken silver in the World Cup in Cairo in early 2019.