The Football Association of Ireland’s disciplinary committee has banned Longford Town’s Colm James for 18 months after he was found guilty on six counts of breaching the association’s rules on match integrity.

Following a two month detailed investigation involving UEFA, FIFA and the Gardaí, the FAI’s disciplinary regulations officer brought a case against the player to the disciplinary committee.

After hearing evidence from both sides, the FAI disciplinary committee found that the 29-year-old had breached FAI Rules 95, 99.1, 102.1, 102.2a, 102.2e and 102.2f.

James, who is in his second spell at the club, has also played for Bray Wanderers, Galway United, Longford Town and the now-defunct Sporting Fingal in the Airtricity League.

The 29-year-old has the right of appeal.

FAI Rules

Rule 95 - Bringing the game into disrepute

Any Member or Participant who has brought the game of football or the FAI into disrepute by any means, written, verbal, by action or otherwise shall be sanctioned with a suspension and/or fine and/or a ban on performing any football related activity or other sanction deemed appropriate.

Rule 99 - Corruption

1 Anyone who offers, promises or grants an unjustified advantage to a body or employee of the FAI, a Match Official, a Player or an Official on behalf of himself or a third party in an attempt to incite it or him to violate the rules of the FAI, the Confederations or FIFA shall be sanctioned:

a) with a fine, and/or;

b) with a ban on taking part in any football-related activity and/or;

c) with a ban on entering any stadium

Rule 102 - Betting/Gambling

1 Anyone who engages in any behaviour that damages or could damage the integrity of matches and competitions may be subject to disciplinary sanctions. All persons are obliged to cooperate fully with the Association in all efforts to combat such behaviour.

2 Anyone who engages in any of the following may be subject to disciplinary sanction:

a) acting in a manner that is likely to exert an influence on the course and/or result of a match or competition by means of behaviour with a view to gaining an advantage for themselves or a third party;

e) failing to immediately and voluntarily inform the Association if approached in connection with activities aimed at influencing the course and/or result of a match or competition;

f) failing to immediately and voluntarily report to the Association any behaviour that they may be aware of that falls within the scope of this Rule;