There is no change in the top four of the FIFA rankings, while the Republic of Ireland have fallen two places in the latest table released today.

Spain remain top, with Germany, Argentina and Croatia also unchanged in the top four.

Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland have fallen from 39th to 41st, while Northern Ireland have risen three places to 116th. England have dropped from seventh to ninth.

Brazil continue to plummet as they hit a record low of 22nd place, leaving them sandwiched between Ghana and Mali, although their lowly position is down largely to their lack of competitive internationals as they qualify automatically for next year's World Cup as hosts.

FIFA top ten
1. (1) Spain
2. (2) Germany
3. (3) Argentina
4. (4) Croatia
5. (9) Netherlands
6. (5) Portugal
7. (6) Colombia
8. (8) Italy
9. (7) England
10. (10) Ecuador