League of Ireland clubs will meet on Tuesday with a view to deciding on the format and structure of the competition for 2020 and beyond.

All 20 clubs will meet with the Football Association of Ireland and stakeholders from the Professional Footballers Association, the newly formed League Manager's Association and the supporters’ network on Tuesday.

The LOI strategy seminar, a follow-up to a July meeting, will follow the final session of a working group established in the summer to determine the league’s future.

In essence, clubs are being allowed to dictate their own league format in conjunction with the FAI and the other bodies.

Kieran Lucid, the man behind the All-Ireland league concept, will not present to Tuesday’s meeting in Tallaght but is in dialogue with the working group.

He is due to bring a number of clubs from the League of Ireland and Irish League together shortly to present his latest plans.

Niall Quinn’s Visionary Group have withdrawn from the process after presenting to the clubs at the July forum in Abbotstown.

Eight clubs are represented on the working group and their vision for the league will be presented to all 20 clubs tomorrow.

External submissions have been considered by the working group, who have also taken advice from UEFA experts as they formulate their plans to transform the League of Ireland.

FAI general manager Noel Mooney will open Tuesday’s seminar in Tallaght with the Association keen to reach a consensus on the future of the league before the FAI Cup Final at the start of November.

Mooney said: "It is a priority of the FAI and the clubs to find a good plan for the future of professional football in Ireland. On Tuesday the working group, which has met a number of times recently, will present the options to all clubs and other key stakeholders so that we can set deadlines for decisions to be made.

"We all desperately want an ever improving and growing professional football industry in Ireland with a successful League of Ireland at the heart of Irish football.

"We do not have time to waste and we hope that the clubs can make a big decision before the FAI Cup Final in November so that we can build a better future for Irish football."