St Patrick's Athletic find themselves in the unenviable position of chasing a two-goal deficit as they travel to take on IFK Norrkoping in Sweden for their Europa League first round qualifying, second-leg tie.

The Saints can at least take solace from their first-half performance at Richmond Park in which they had what appeared to be a perfectly good penalty appeal turned down while the game was scoreless.

With just 14 minutes on the clock Gary Shaw was shoved to the ground by Alexander Fransson but the referee ignored it and second-half goals from Simon Thern and Lee Desmond, who headed into his own net, resulted in a scoreline that reflected the second-half balance of play.

Ian Bermingham and Mickey Drennan both had chances to reduce the deficit in Dublin, but came against a top-class goalkeeper in the shape of Swedish international Isak Pettersson.

Nevertheless Harry Kenny’s side travel to Sweden with hope, although the St Pat’s manager is adamant that his side won’t be cavalier in the early stages and they chase goals.

"I've looked back at the game already and we have got to find areas of the pitch that we can hurt them," Kenny insisted.

"We certainly won't be going gung-ho from the start of the game as the game is over 90 minutes, but we'll be looking to throw people forward if we are in a spot of bother."

"It has to be said, they are a very good team with some really good players and lots of internationals. They played particularly well in Richmond Park, and especially in the second half where they pulled us around a little bit.

"But I'm looking forward to the game as we'll play them now in a lovely stadium that has an astro pitch. It's all different for ourselves and that is what Europe is all about. It's an exciting time for the club and we've just got to try and get through the tie."

Kenny has no new injuries to concern himself with and travels to Sweden with a full squad. The St Pat’s boss is looking to take solace from last season’s Champions League and pointed to semi-final comebacks as a potential source of inspiration for his side.

"Football is funny like that when you look at Spurs and Liverpool last season turning around their European semi-final deficits in cup football. So if we get a goal early on at any stage, or even into the second half, it puts the frighteners on them a little bit and you never know what could happen."

For Norrkoping manager Jens Gustafsson, it's a case of 'more of the same please'. The Swedish side eventually wore down St Pat's with their passing and movement in the first leg and it was no surprise when they made their breakthrough in the second-half.

Gustafsson wants to see a repeat of that performance at home and he is calling on his side to out-work and out-play the Saints at the Stade Jos Haupert, but admits that St Pat's physicality could cause them problems.

"We will work to ensure that the match will suit us and not them," he said. "It's about having to play a fast and fitness-oriented football where we release the ball within within a few touches and where we run a lot.

"We also know that there are times when they will threaten us, so we really have to stand up in the battle and be disciplined in our defense game. That is what it is about.

"They are a pretty straight playing team where there tends to be a lot of individual battles. They are strong and tough to deal with, which we sometimes we got a taste of over there."