Cook Islands Football Association president Lee Harmon has been suspended by FIFA's ethics committee for three months after it accepted a plea bargain relating to the resale of World Cup tickets.

Vice-president of the Oceania Football Confederation, Harmon is one of the governing body's three representatives on the all-powerful FIFA Council, a role that brings an annual salary of $250,000 plus generous travel expenses.

FIFA said an investigation was opened last July, following the Russia-hosted World Cup, and the adjudicatory chamber of its ethics committee has now "ratified the plea bargain" submitted by both the chairperson of its investigatory chamber and Harmon, who has run the game in the Cook Islands since 1997.

The FIFA statement added that "the parties have mutually agreed on the following sanctions": a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs (€17,600) and a three-month suspension from taking part in any football activity at national or international level.

That means Harmon, 51, cannot attend next week's FIFA Council meeting in Miami, where the remaining 36 members will discuss FIFA president Gianni Infantino's plans to revamp the Club World Cup and start an international Nations League, as well as his desire to expand the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from 32 teams to 48.