Liverpool have cancelled contract talks scheduled with Raheem Sterling for Friday.

The club made the move after Sterling's agent denied telling a UK newspaper the young forward is definitely not signing a new contract with Liverpool.

The London Evening Standard newspaper quotes his agent, Aidy Ward, saying the 20-year-old England international would not remain at Anfield even if they were offering him £900,000 a week.

UK radio station talkSPORT has subsequently reported that Ward denies saying the things he is quoted as saying in the Standard.

Ward has been widely criticised for his handling of negotiations after Sterling was offered a new £100,000-a-week deal in January.

"I don't care about the PR of the club and the club situation. I don't care," the London Evening Standard quoted Ward as saying.

"He is definitely not signing. He's not signing for £700,000, £800,000, £900,000 a week. He is not signing.

"My job is to make sure I do the best with them (my clients). If people say I am bad at my job, or they are badly advised it does not matter."

There were also reports this morning linking Sterling with a controversial move to bitter rivals Manchester United.

Ward was due to meet chief executive Ian Ayre on Friday to discuss Sterling's future and already this week he has had to deny reports he will tell the club his client will not sign an extension to his existing deal, which still has two years to run.

"The story has been blown somewhat out of proportion..... [we] have a meeting scheduled with Liverpool later this week and we will take proceedings from there," he said on Tuesday.

"Just maybe someone should whisper in his ear and tell him he is not going anywhere" - Graeme Souness

However, Liverpool announced this afternoon that the meeting has been cancelled.

Sterling was booed by some fans when he picked up his young player of the year award later that day but former Liverpool captain Graeme Souness believes they are entitled to do so.

"If he's privately making it known he wants to leave Liverpool then that word soon gets out and supporters are entitled to turn on him," he told Sky Sports.

"Just maybe someone should whisper in his ear and tell him he is not going anywhere."

Ward also denied using an insulting term to describe former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher in the same Standard interview.

"For a 20-year-old kid to be taking on Liverpool Football Club over a contract, to the pit of my stomach that just winds me up, it angers me," he told Sky Sports on Monday. You keep your mouth shut - get on with playing football."

However, the Evening Standard reported Ward hit back against those comments.

"Carragher is a k***. Everybody knows it. Any of the criticism from current pundits or ex-Liverpool players - none of them things matter to me. It is not relevant," he is quoted as saying.

Ward is known to be unhappy how details of Liverpool's contract offer were made public, supposedly adding in the newspaper: "How did this all occur? There is no smoke without fire."

He also suggested he would not be short of takers for Sterling's signature.

"I am not worried. Worried is making a decision not knowing what is going to happen. Every Premier League club will make a bid for him," he reportedly said.