Premier League clubs once again ruled the international transfer market in 2013, topping the $1bn-mark for the first time.

The English clubs, plus Swansea and Cardiff from Wales, spent 1.1 billion dollars (£660m) on overseas transfers last year, and of that more than £50m went straight into the pockets of agents.

The figures - revealed in the Global Transfer Market 2014 report, published by FIFA - only include international transfers between different countries.

Premier League figures released in November disclosed a total of £100m was paid to agents, including for domestic transfers.

After the Premier League, Italian clubs were the next biggest spenders on overseas transfers (£286m), followed by France (£253m), Spain (£192m) and then Germany (£144m).

Spanish clubs, however, were the biggest net earners for transfers, with net income of £150m.

The report also highlighted the growing influence of 'super clubs' such as Manchester City, Paris St Germain and Monaco, where wealthy owners provide huge sums for fast-track team strengthening.

The report states that across the world there were a total of 12,309 international transfers in 2013, 4% more than in 2012, and 90%of these were free transfers with no fee paid.

"Players with Brazilian nationality were also represented most in the international transfer market with 1,558 transfers (13% of total transfers)," says the report, with 236 players moving to and from Brazil and Portugal.

FIFA's transfers matching system aims to provide a clearing house for all international transfers, with clubs having to register agents involved plus any fees and add-ons.