Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has thrown the door open to changing his tactics for the opening game of Euro 2012 against Croatia next Sunday.

The Irish boss watched his side perform second-best against Hungary in a 0-0 draw in a friendly in Budapest on Monday and admitted afterwards that he may need to alter this 4-4-2 system and deploy an extra man in midfield.

A clearly agitated Trapattoni said: “I think this evening we have been a bit lucky because in the first half the opponent deserved to score a minimum of two goals. It was only our goalkeeper Shay Given that saved us.

“Hungary played very well and quick, fast football. They are strong in every section. When we meet a team like this I know what is the difficulty, but we have a system I can't change for one game or the other game.

“To have a balance we have to give up one striker or put one more in midfield. In the past I know this position. I know this line up."

The Irish boss will use the next week to discuss a potential alteration in formation with his squad.

While the change would not neccessarily be in personnel, Trapattoni feels they need to take in more knowledge on how to adapt against opposition that uses one striker and an advanced fifth midfielder.

Trapattoni stated: "I will speak with the team and I will show them our difficulty because we need to take a decision to sacrifice a striker or we need to change the situation.

“Croatia is another system, a little bit different. Spain always plays with one striker and one in between. We have to decide what we will do. We need one more in midfield. If you watch, if you see one more in midfield. It is clear.

"Against Italy we had Keogh. That is the situation It is not enough to have possession of 55% if we have no chance to score in the first half. In the second yes we did but with other line-up."

"I don't change it but when I say we need to see this game because maybe Croatia is another line-up but when we have the situation like this team we know how they play we have to decide what to do.

"When they have one more in midfield you dance for 45 minutes."