The Professional Footballers' Association have consulted with under-fire Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez over his disciplinary hearing.

Tevez was due back at City today following his two-week club ban, with a disciplinary hearing also due to take place.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has spoken to Tevez about the matter and revealed the player repeated his claim he had not refused to play in a Champions League game against Bayern Munich last month.

Taylor told BBC 5 Live: "I have (spoken to Tevez) and he is saying he didn't refuse to play but it was a question of him continually being asked to warm up and he felt he had warmed up enough.

"There was a problem that was caused in the conditions of the game and one player had come off, another player had gone on and so there's conflicting views, yes, and from that point of view there is the view of the manager, the view of the player.

"The club have had to interview different people who were there at the time and see television evidence, and they feel there is enough evidence now to justify a disciplinary hearing."

Manager Roberto Mancini claimed Tevez refused to come on as substitute during the 2-0 defeat at the Allianz Arena.

Tevez denied Mancini's claim and was then suspended by the club pending the initial investigation. He was due back at the club's training ground today.

The club concluded that investigation and yesterday announced they had informed Tevez he would face disciplinary proceedings after deciding he had a case to answer of alleged breaches of contract in relation to his conduct during the game against Bayern.