The Scottish Football Association have warned any of their players intent on representing Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics that they risk sparking a backlash from fans.

Reports claim at least two Scottish women's international footballers are taking legal advice on the possible repercussions of playing for Team GB at the London Games.

Players cannot legally be prevented from playing, but the SFA have made their fierce opposition to such a move clear - a view which has also been backed by the Welsh and Northern Irish associations.

And the Scottish football governing body has reminded anyone thinking of going down that route - male or female - of where they stand on the issue.

An SFA spokesman said: ‘Our stance has not changed and will not change.

‘There is a responsibility on all associations to educate players on the clear and present danger of a unified British team, which we believe could affect Scotland's independent membership within FIFA, despite public assurances from Sepp Blatter.

‘The feelings of Scotland fans are also clear and unwavering. They are vehemently opposed to Team GB and the players should also be mindful of that.’