Pat Fenlon has slammed his Bohemians players for the humiliating 4-0 defeat to Welsh side The New Saints in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Bohs, a goal ahead from the first leg, were humbled by TNS, meaning the Gypsies miss out on a money-spinning tie with Anderlecht.

Fenlon told the Irish Independent: ‘I'm embarrassed. It was disgraceful. Everything went wrong. Not a single thing went right for us.

‘There is no hiding it - we were brutal; shocking defensively and shocking going forward. We didn't work hard enough. They worked harder than us. It was as simple as that.

‘We had a lot of supporters here and they deserved a lot better on the night. I apologise to them,’ added Fenlon.

‘Their frustration at the end was justified. If I'd been there as a fan I'd be the same.

‘We have all let each other down -- players, manager, staff, everyone. We all let the supporters, the club, the league and the country down and I am embarrassed by it.’

The Bohs manager believes the future looks bleak, with revenue from the Champions League all important for the club.

‘Looking at that, Irish football is going the wrong way. I didn't say anything to the players at half-time -- there was no point. We had given them all the information they needed all the way through over the last two weeks.

‘We won't be able to go forward now and that's the bottom line. The club won't be able to go forward and the players have to realise that.

‘It's time to take action. We have to look at the whole picture and make a decision as a football club about what we want do.

‘As a manager I have to make decisions, too. I'm not going to watch that. I can't put any figures on what it means to the club but I am responsible for the team and that performance is not good enough. I take responsibility,’ concluded Fenlon.