Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has slammed Portuguese mindielder Cristiano Ronaldo behaviour, claiming he was 'disgusted' by the role he played in Wayne Rooney's sending off on Saturday.

In the second half of Saturday's match with England, Ronaldo rushed 40 metres to the referee, apparently to demand a card for Rooney who had battled his way through two players and trod on Ricardo Carvalho's groin as he tried to disentangle himself.

Rooney was sent off by Argentine referee Horacio Elizondo and Ronaldo was captured by TV cameras winking at his bench as the England forward walked off the pitch.

'If it was one of my team-mates I would be absolutely disgusted with him,' said Gerrard. 'I saw Ronaldo going over to the ref and giving him the card - he was bang out of order.

'Winking at the bench and his team-mates sums him up as a person.

'If I was playing against a Liverpool team-mate and they were involved in a situation like that I would never try and get them sent off.'