FIFA today confirmed they have granted the FAI a derogation to use temporary seating at Lansdowne Road for Ireland’s home qualifying games for the 2006 World Cup.

FIFA said they were happy to do so after having had the opportunity again, to not only observe, but to inspect the proposed temporary seating facilities.

As a result all of Ireland’s home matches for the 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign can be played at Lansdowne Road. FIFA say they will give a separate derogation for each one of the five qualification matches as requested.

FIFA said they based its decision to grant the derogation on the commitment by the government to a new stadium at Lansdowne Road.

FAI CEO Fran Rooney said: "We are delighted with the decision of FIFA to grant the derogation which we note was based on the Government’s commitment to the new stadium further demonstrating the urgency of proceeding with the project.

"This decision by FIFA will afford us the opportunity to play all our home matches in front of capacity crowds which will be to the benefit of Brian and the team as well as the fans and will also be of economic value to the country."