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By Micil Glennon

1713 Okay, well that is that, Ireland's championship hopes receive a severe battering thanks to another stop-start-stop performance. Thanks for logging on and for your comments.

We'll have more post-match reaction shortly here on RTÉ.ie and the RTÉ Rugby Facebook page. Bye for now.

1706 Paul O'Connell, “We didn’t defend with our heads up and just got caught a few times…we gave them too much of the ball.”

On next week's French match, "We have the quality to win the game, we just have to put it together."

1704 Declan Kidney says emotions are flowing after a defeat like that and he won't be making any instant decisions about next week's selection.

1701 Stephen Brady, "Threw it away. We are so poor #RTERUGBY #6NATIONS". Results don't really lie,

1658 What did you make of that? The feeling on the ground was that the last-minute penalty award was harsh...

1653 "Incredibly callow performance from Ireland", George Hook

1650 Donal Lenihan, "Wales were the better side...they had the confidence in the last play to put themselves in position to win it."

1647 What a finish! It has to be said that Wales deserved their win but it's immensely disappointing from Ireland's point of view. Mike Phillips is man of the match.

Ed Leahy says it was like watching Munster.

FULL-TIME: Ireland 21-23 Wales

Wales have it and it's all over.

Ireland 21-23 Wales


80 mins Penalty Wales, right in front of goals, Ferris is yellow-carded. Halfpenny can't miss from here...

79 mins Wales make ground, in dropgoal territory...

78 mins Wales have to run from deep, Priestland makes a break, up to halfway...

77 mins O'Gara is on now, Wales back to 15

Ireland 21-20 Wales

77 mins Try given, no doubt, Halfpenny's kick IS NO GOOD, Ireland by one


76 mins North barges up the middle again, Bennett is stopped by Ferris, Evans finds a gap, North is over and it looks like a try, ref asks the TMO to confirm...

75 mins Now Ireland don't release, penalty Wales, they go down the line and it's a great kick, into the Irish 22...

74 mins Had the distance but not the accuracy, six minutes to play, Ireland by six

73 mins Penalty Ireland, Wales didn't release on the ground, Sexton will have a shot from inside his own half...

72 mins Tadhg Peavoy, "Prior to Bowe's try he was roaring like a lunatic and waving his arms to get Sexton's attention. Sexton pretended to ignore the calls, as though not hearing him, before spreading the ball to the winger to cross the whitewash."

71 mins Ireland gather and slow it up, Sexton kicks, Hook claims, Wales have to chase this one now

Ireland 21-15 Wales

69 mins Patience, after going through about 10 phases using the pack, Ireland spread it and Bowe is there to finish, kick is no good


67 mins Sexton's kick put Wales back into their 22, Ryan steals it, Healy goes short, Ryan within 4m, inches in it...

66 mins Davies lifted Donnacha Ryan up off the ground and is lucky to escape with a yellow card, penalty Ireland as well, of course


63 mins O'Connell forced a great turover but Murray's box kick went out on the full, disappointing. O'Callaghan is replaced by Ryan

62 mins Ireland with possession again, Kearney with the up and under, now Sexton kicks ahead, great battle this

60 mins Ireland back in the lead...

Ireland 16-15 Wales


58 mins Kearney offloads to Murray, momentum with Ireland now, penalty advantage, Ross carries, knocked down, penalty Ireland

Ireland 13-15 Wales

55 mins Halfpenny gets it, from the restart Bowe fumbles, North breaks the line and finds Davies who coasts over. Halfpenny puts Wales ahead with the extras


Ireland 13-8 Wales


52 mins O'Brien was in quickly at the breakdown but ref says penalty Wales, they'll have a shot, Halfpenny will take over kicking duties

51 mins Ireland are trying to spread it but the Welsh line is up too fast, turnover, J Davies kicks it in behind, Irish lineout just outside their 22

50 mins Nowhere near from Priestland, let off

48 mins Very quiet in the Aviva, penalty Wales, D'Arcy too slow away from the ruck

47 mins Now Wales spread it, they're stuck in midfield for the moment though, seven phases...

46 mins Bit of kick tennis, won by Ireland with Trimble's kick finding a good touch inside the Welsh half

44 mins Kick from the sideline crept just inside the post

Ireland 13-5 Wales


42 mins Scrum turns into a penalty, chance for Sexton...

41 mins Game back on, Heaslip forces a turnover, scrum Ireland on the Wales 22

1600 RTÉ analyst Donal Lenihan, "Ireland have to consolidate what they've done in the last five minutes."

George Hook, "Ireland are playing like drains"

1556 Neil Halligan, "We've been second best for a lot of the half, and still lead 10-5. After y'day's games, decent contest. #ireland #6n #rterugby"

1553 Word is that Wales captain Warburton is injured and won't be back for the second half

1551 Tadhg Peavoy in Lansdowne, "Totally against the the style of the first half an hour, Ireland have been spreading wide in the last five minutes, with good effect.

"Trimble and Bowe are giving Wales terrible trouble cutting in off the wings, leading to Rory Best's try. The 12-13 axis needs to follow suit and run better lines."


40+1 mins ...but they won't get it, knock-on, Wayne Barnes blows for half-time.

40 mins D'Arcy gathers the restart, Sexton's kick is caught by Phillips, they'll want a score before half-time...

Ireland 10-5 Wales

38 mins Bowe steps inside his man and Rory Best is on hand to apply the finishing touch, much better, Ireland are ahead, amazingly. Sexton's kick is perfect


36 mins Wales just about secure the ball, Trimble takes a quick lineout, Bowe recycles, penalty advantage...

34 mins Good offloading by Ireland, then it's knocked on by Healy, Welsh scrum in their own 22

32 mins Trimble makes a half break, turnover, Ferris and O'Brien and O'Callaghan choke tackle R Jones, scrum Ireland

31 min Turnover, Sean O'Brien, McFadden tried to find Bowe but it went to ground, Welsh lineout

30 mins Tadhg Peavoy, "Wales on top in every facet. Ireland are scrambling to defend are being caught out by excellent hands, lines of running and offloads at pace. They need to get their hands on the ball and enforce their own tempo."

29 mins Sexton pushes it wide, he'll be disappointed, Wales still lead

27 mins Better from Ireland, Sexton tries a dropgoal, it's wide, we'll come back for a penalty for a late tackle on Murray

26 mins This time Heaslip steals the Welsh ball from the lineout but Wales have it back, Priestland overcooks a kick in behind, scrum Ireland just outside the 22

24 mins O'Connell claims the Welsh throw-in, Ireland too flat, Cuthbert's clearance makes 80 yards, Trimble counters, Murray's kick is charged down, Sexton clears to touch, frantic play from Ireland

22 mins Brendan Cole: "Have Ireland learned from Wellington? The gaps down the shortside for the try were a carbon copy the one that led to Mike Phillips try that day. Wales also look a beat quicker and more accurate at the ruck and round the fringes and Ireland's carriers - the odd better angle aside - are not doing much better either. Wales look the better team in open play at the moment."

20 mins Kearney gathers Sexton's garryowen, knock-on and it was picked up by Murray in an offside position, penalty Wales

19 mins Priestland hits the post, O'Brien gathers, Ireland clear, Wales counter

18 mins Penalty Wales, O'Brien playing the ball off his feet, easy kick for Priestland now

17 mins Wales testing the Irish defence, changing angles and running from deep, up to the 22, slow now...

16 mins From the restart, ref says O'Connell was in front of the kicker, very sloppy, he was about three yards in front as well...scrum Wales

15 mins Priestland's kick from the line doesn't have the legs



14 mins This time Ireland are early at the scrum, free kick Wales, J Davies is in and over, TMO will have a look to confirm...

13 mins Wales knock under under pressure from Ireland, green scrum

12 mins Wales' turn now to carry the ball, Best almost steals it, Priestland kicks and Kearney's return finds touch short of halfway

10 mins Ferris claims the lineout, O'Brien is in midfield, back inside Ross carries, slow ball, Ireland knock-on, scrum Wales

9 mins Early engagement from the Welsh, penalty Ireland, lucky boys

8 mins NO TRY, scrum 5, not out of danger yet

8 mins Replay suggests that the ball wasn't grounded, Best and Murray underneath it...

7 mins Serious pressure, Roberts within 2m, Phillips dived but was short, North fends off an Irish tackler, Ryan Jones is over, TMO will have a look at this...

5 mins Ireland gather the restart but from the lineout someone takes their eye off Davies and he bursts to within 5m...

4 mins Perfect start from Ireland's out-half, Ireland lead



3 mins Sexton will have a go now, about 40m out, slightly to the left

2 mins Touch missed, Wales return the ball to Kearney, Ireland build up phases in midfield, penalty Ireland, ref playing advantage

1 min Priestland starts, Ireland gather, Bowe hits Phillips after Murray's box kick, penalty Ireland, Sexton goes down the line

1459 Here we go....

1458 Wayne Barnes, from England, is the man in the middle today, by the way

1456 Brendan Cole, "Ground is packed now." Anthems in full swing

1454 "Is nobody else worried that if you leave out Conor and his counterpart, Wales have an average age more than 3 years younger than Ireland. Will this tell in the final quarter?" Denis Lyne is also cautious

1453 Brendan Cole, "There is a cheer for Wales and Ireland come out to some ear-splittingly loud Celtic rock (what is that tune from The Departed called again?)"

Shipping up to Boston, I think

1452 Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D Higgins is on the pitch now meeting the teams

1451 David Webster in France, "Today will be my sons first Ireland match. We're watching from France, both kitted out in Ireland jerseys and waiting for next weeks game with avengeance."

1450 All three of the RTÉ panel, George Hook, Brent Pope and Donal Lenihan, are going for a home win...

1448 Patrick Walsh, "Pulling hard for you over here at work in Brooklyn!!!! Thank God for my iPhone!!!!!"

Hope we have good news for you, Patrick

1447 Getting close to kick off now, Christopher Connaughton, "Ready for the game; 10,000 dong bet with a welsh man, Chris, ho chi Minh city/Saigon, Vietnam."

1442 Update from Brendan Cole at Lansdowne Road: Ireland have been out on the pitch for a while now, doing some short passing drills at the north end of the ground.

Wales’ warm-up is being led by Shaun Edwards at the other end and it looks like linespeed will be a feature again as they work on rushing up quickly in lines of four and five.

Teams being read out over the stadium PA as the stands begin to fill up, big cheers as the Ireland names are read out.

1440 Also, yesterday Declan Kidney confirmed that Keith Earls, who was due to replace Brian O’Driscoll and pulled out of this game as his new-born daughter was ill, should be available for next Saturday’s game against France.

“It’s all good. I’d imagine he’ll be in next week. Things are on the up all right The baby is recovering well,” said Kidney.

1432 RTÉ's Tadhg Peavoy in Lansdowne Road, "Dry, fresh weather in Lansdowne Road. With half and hour to kick-off there is not even a hint of a breeze."

1427 Ciaran Boyle, "Got my Ireland jersey on, Listening to the game from Long Beach, New York, perfect timing, an Ireland win today then stuff my face this evening for the superbowl!!!!!!"

1418 Pat Moroney "Dublin House in Red Bank, NJ - come on Ireland."

1408 Alice & Sean Campbell, "Up at 8am on a Sunday morning and off to the pub to watch the Rugby with me beautful wife Ali...Come on Ireland — at James Hoban's Irish Restaurant 1 Dupont Circle Northwest Washington, DC"

1403 RTÉ's Brendan Cole, "Few Ireland players were out on pitch - Heaslip now practicing drop goals alone. Has nailed a few good ones (and missed a few!) #rterugby"

Do you remember the time Rory Best nearly got in the way of Ronan O'Gara in the Grand Slam game...#forwardskickingtheball?

1358 Kieran Dunne, "I will be in my local rugby club in Pentyrch Wales. And I will be well out numbered by Wales fans. Bring it on."

1350 mossgarde, "Catching up on the match from Gaborone Botswana. Come on Ireland!!!"

1344 Eoin Quilter with a word of warning: I think we've underestimated the Welsh. We're in for a shock today. :-(

Surely Ireland won't understimate the Welsh today, plus they are missing four of the pack, and a certain winger by the name of Shane Williams, from the team that won the RWC quarter; home advantage might just swing it our way today.

1340 From Greta Kelly on our Facebook page, “Not today...Tonight! In Singapore at 23:30. Lots of cold beer to cool down, it's 30 degrees! C'mon Ireland!!”

1335 Wales are aiming for a third consecutive win against Ireland, a feat they haven't achieved since the 1970s.

1330 Paul McClean is going all romantic, “Wedding anniversary today. Taking my wife out for lunch. To a pub with a big screen.”

1325 Here are the line-ups:

Ireland: R Kearney (Leinster); T Bowe (Ospreys), F McFadden (Leinster), G D'Arcy (Leinster), A Trimble (Ulster); J Sexton (Leinster), C Murray (Munster); C Healy (Leinster), R Best (Ulster), M Ross (Leinster), D O'Callaghan (Munster), P O'Connell (Munster, capt), S Ferris (Ulster), S O'Brien (Leinster), J Heaslip (Leinster).

Replacements: S Cronin (Leinster), T Court (Ulster), D Ryan (Munster), P O'Mahony (Munster), E Reddan (Leinster), R O'Gara (Munster), D Kearney (Leinster).

Wales: L Halfpenny (Cardiff); A Cuthbert (Cardiff), J Davies (Scarlets), J Roberts (Cardiff), G North (Scarlets); R Priestland (Scarlets), M Phillips (Bayonne); R Gill (Saracens), H Bennett (Ospreys), A Jones (Ospreys), B Davies (Cardiff), I Evans (Ospreys), R Jones (Ospreys), S Warburton (Cardiff, capt), T Faletau (Newport Gwent Dragons).

Replacements: K Owens (Scarlets), P James (Ospreys), A Powell (Sale), J Tipuric (Ospreys), L Williams (Cardiff), J Hook (Perpignan), S Williams (Scarlets)

1320 Asked where he'll be watching the game from, Declan Murphy says "Couch, touch, pause, engage", from our Facebook page.

1315 Dermot Rigley on Twitter, "#rterugby Match time. The blood is up!"

1310 RTÉ's Brendan Cole is at Lansdowne Road and he'll have regulate updates throughout the game. You can read his preview here.

1300 Good afternoon and welcome to the RTÉ.ie match tracker for Ireland's opening RBS 6 Nations game against Wales, kick-off 3.00.

You can get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or good old fashioned email. Let us know your thoughts on the game, and Ireland's chances in the campaign without Brian O'Driscoll.