Andy Farrell knows as much as anyone else.

That's to say, not much more than Ireland’s 2020 Six Nations campaign is on hold due to the coronavirus.

Everything else is a game of wait and see.

At the behest of a French government announcement on Sunday night, organisers pulled the plug on Saturday's France v Ireland match, meaning that Farrell’s side will have to fit in two championship games, with the home game against Italy already postponed, at some stage after the summer

They are already booked up with November Tests against South Africa, Australia and Japan, so very little at this point in time is clear.

His team, of course, can still win the title after claiming two wins from three games. Two bonus-point victories would guarantee the championship, regardless of what happens elsewhere.

Asked if he would object to playing five Tests in a short period of time, the head coach said: "No, I'd look at it, I'd certainly look at it.

"But you've got to look at the whole picture of the November calendar from our perspective.

"We've got three really tough games coming up. We've got two against Australia and then South Africa, Australia and Japan.

"It's a tough old five games and then you're throwing in what is effectively, hopefully, a semi-final and a final, regarding the Six Nations.

"It changes the goalposts a little bit so it does take some reflection."

Eddie Jones’ side have one match outstanding - the visit to Rome to play the Azzurri, - and are due to play four Tests in November.

Ireland, champions in 2018, were due to face Italy a week before the France game and Farrell hinted that he would like the games to be rearranged, if and when they are, in the same sequence.

The 44-year-old added: "You would think [the game would stay in order] wouldn't you? I don't know the outcome. We've got to play Italy, the English have to play Italy.

"When there's a window for both of our calendars, I don't know whether our game should be before the England game, shouldn't it?

"But we don't know how those calendars fit or whether it's going to be juggled up a little bit."

Farrell wouldn’t be drawn on how the disjointed championship affects his plans for the two-Test tour of Australia.

Originally his team would have completed their spring schedule, giving the new boss a clean slate over to work with.

Now, however, Ireland have to negotiate those Down Under outings with a Six Nations title in mind.

"We thought we had two games to play before the Australia tour but that’s not to be," he said. 

"The boys will slot back in with their provinces and there’ll be some big games coming up between now and Australia.

"We don’t know where we are going to be in a months’ time, do we? Never mind a few months’ time. We’ll just roll with it and see where we go.

"There is always a plan in the back of our minds, but plans change along the way as well."