They might be potential rivals for the Ireland full-back slot but Jacob Stockdale is delighted that Rob Kearney is sticking with Leinster for another year. 

The IRFU yesterday confirmed that 33-year-old Kearney has signed on until the end of the the 2019/20 season.

Primarily a winger, Stockdale, the 2018 Six Nations player of the tournament, welcomed the news, which put an end to rumours that the Louth man would depart for France or England after the World Cup. 

"The longer we can keep Rob around the better," said the 23-year-old Ulster player as he was named as a Maxol ambassador. 

"He is a great guy to learn off and he's a super player and really great guy to have around the camp.

"In terms of experience, learning off him, there are very few players that are better for that.

"It's the times when someone puts a kick in and you turn around and you don't think Rob is there but he is, things like that.

"He understands the game so well, he's always a metre or two ahead of everybody else in terms of covering the space and that's the kind of guy you want to learn off, that's the kind of guy you can learn the most from.

"You don't learn a lot from players who are just massively quick because that's like, someone kicks a ball and you just run up to it faster that everybody else does but you can learn to see what Rob sees."

And while the 17-cap international is glad to have Kearney around, he also admitted that given a choice he would prefer to play at full-back, a position where he has been deployed by Ulster on a few occasions this season. 

Speaking on the RTÉ Rugby podcast, Stockdale said: "[I was playing there with Ulster] because they needed me to play full-back and we had a lot of injuries.

"I really, really enjoy it but I enjoy playing wing as well so it's really wherever anybody wants me I'll play.

"To be honest, I'd say I probably would pick 15. I find that I get more enjoyment there.

"I get the ball in my hands a bit more and I just feel a wee bit more comfortable there."

You can hear an extended interview with Jacob Stockdale on Wednesday’s RTÉ Rugby podcast.